Pictured above Rickhi Smith at Children’s National in Washington, D.C.

My name is Rickhi Smith, and I’m 11 years old. One day while at home I was watching the Nickelodeon H.A.L.O awards. I saw how other kids my age were helping out the children in their communities, and I wanted to help also.

My goal is to raise money to buy books for children that may have trouble reading or may not be able to afford them. The money will be used to purchase books for different reading levels for the kids to read.

On Jan.2, I went shopping for books today, and he had such an incredible experience. I will be visiting hospitals and other organizations soon

I will be taking these books to different orphanages, shelters and hospitals. Also, I will be going to local children’s hospitals to read the children books.

On Jan.9,  I went to Children’s National in Washington, DC and donated some books. These ladies in Volunteer Services were very grateful for my donation and willingness to help others. Unfortunately, I was unable to read to the children because you must be in high school to volunteer.

My fundraiser has already raised $305, and it is still ongoing. I will be visiting other organizations to make more donations

This fundraiser means so much to me because I love helping others. I feel it is critical for all children to have the proper education so that they will succeed in life.

I’m very thankful for any donations that are received.