Annapolis, MD – Laura Wallen (pictured, right) was murdered by her boyfriend. She was 14 weeks pregnant. Tyler Tessier was charged with her murder, but not that of her unborn son, Reid. Laura and Reid’s Law seeks to expand charges of manslaughter to include unborn babies. Interestingly enough, the second leading cause of death in pregnant women is homicide. This bill is about protecting those who can’t protect themselves. Please support Laura and Reid’s Law.

Progressives Attack Small Business
Maryland progressives are at it again.This week, the most anti-small business bill in state history went into effect. While mandatory sick leave sounds good, extending this mandate to small businesses will hurt job creators. Governor Hogan ran on the platform of making Maryland a business-friendly climate. This bill stifles small business startups. Progressives have put yet another government intrusion and mandate on small business.