About a year ago Foundation 4 Heroes was contacted by Tracy Slade Carver. She had collected a plethora of Beanie Babies and decided to donate them to us so we could give them out to children. Of course we agreed to take them because we knew the potential uplifting affect receiving a Beanie Baby like this could have on kids.

We received roughly 7 – 8 large tubs of these never played with cuties, some in protective containers, all kept shelved and clean.

Some of these had values of a few dollars to much higher so it was extra fun to hand them out to children and even let the kids pick their own. There were holiday bears and penguins, an amazing array of animals and dinosaurs and they varied in sizes as well. Some were over a foot tall.

F4Heroes brought them to various hospitals including, Children’s Hospital, John’s Hopkins, Walter Reed National Military Hospital, USO functions for Wounded Warriors and their families, and most recently to St. Mary’s County Easter Festival.
While sharing space at Easter Fest with one of St Mary’s County favorite Sheriffs, Officer Peg Smolarsky, she told us she was about to go on a mission to Guatemala with members of her church to help the people out there. Pretty darn noble and a wonderful way to give back to others.

Our organization made a quick decision to donate the last of our supplies to help cheer up the children while Officer Smolarsky was down there. Pretty cool being able to inspire children thousands of miles away, but F4Heroes did once traveled 3000 miles to celebrate with the little superheroes at a camp for terminally ill children in California.

Fortunately we still have some superhero capes and masks we will be giving the children at Walter Reed Hospitals’ National Cancer Survivor’s Day at the USO June 5th, to the members of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team’s (WWAST) children, as they take on the NFL All-Stars in Bowie Maryland June 11th. Above are some pictures from last year.

This will be Foundation 4 Heroes 3rd time at this event and we will be on the field and in the dugouts mingling with the guys and the fans. If you would like tickets, please check our facebook page very soon. We will also be offering F4Heroes’ Sponsor packages, which will include our brand new Under Armour, Foundation 4 Heroes shirts, F4H bracelets, tickets to the game and more.

To all of the businesses and individuals who continue to make donations, which enable us to bring gifts when we visit these amazing children, thank you so much. None of this would be possible without your support.