Foundation 4 Heroes to Honor Maryland’s Original Batman with Three Hospital Visits on Friday

Everyone was deeply saddened after hearing the news that “Batman” was killed last weekend. For years Mr. Lenny Robinson had been taking his own money to purchase realistic Batmobiles and costumes and then would go visit children for fun, and to bring smiles.

He would travel up and down the East Coast and had been quoted as saying that by wearing the Bat Suit it made him a better person. Well in fact, it made all of us feel better and truly appreciated his dedication to helping the children.

His funeral was filled with supporters and costumed admirers showing their appreciation for all he had done. But also for his family, who shared some light-hearted stories about Lenny like; he washed and waxed his car while cranking disco music and smoking a cigar.

Foundation 4 Heroes had not been able to connect with Lenny for a superhero team-up as hoped so in memory of Lenny Robinson, F4Heroes is making three superhero visits to three different hospitals in DC on Friday starting out with Children’s Hospital. Next is Georgetown Hospital, to then be immediately followed up visiting the National Rehabilitation Center of Washington DC.

They will be bringing Superman, Captain America, Wolverine and of course, Batman. In addition to visiting with the children and taking pictures with them, F4Heroes will be giving away superhero capes and masks to the children. Although they are already heroes this is just a nice touch.

As a nonprofit group, Foundation 4 Heroes sells these items at events, like the upcoming Superheroes and Princesses at Blue Crabs Stadium on Thursday August 27th. But this allows them the resources to travel and then give away items to these wonderful and deserving children.

Upon returning later that night the heroes will be gathering at Bollywood for a fundraiser for Gabriel Sanchez that starts at 9pm.

“It’s going to be a really long day, emotionally and physically,” said Anthony Warneck (F4H’s Batman), “but cancer and other health issues don’t take any time off. We have little to complain about. “

Like Mr. Lenny Robinson, Foundation 4 Heroes is trying to make a difference in the lives of these children. Follow their journey on facebook. Here is a link to a video F4Heroes shot to recognize and thank Lenny for everything he did.