It’s all the about the “eco-friendly” oyster

Hollywood, MD – Each body of water is composed of a variety of marine life that make it unique. St. Mary’s County is situated on a peninsula with over 500 miles of very impressive shoreline and water rich with marine life. None is more impressive than the oyster, that is so critical to the Patuxent River, and the success of a local oyster company known as Hollywood Oyster. 

“My family purchased this property in 1972, this is a family farm that is three hundred acres,” said Tal Petty who is the owner of the farm on which Hollywood Oyster operates.

Petty is very passionate about what he and the Hollywood Oyster Company is striving to accomplish to  jobs are being created, oysters are thriving, and customers are receiving a product that is at it’s full freshest stage.

A week before visited Hollywood Oyster Company, the east coast experienced some terrible weather. However, Petty explained just how truly fortunate they are.

“We are fortunate we grow our oyster in cages underwater, so when the bad weather happens, we don’t worry about the inventory so much,” said Petty. 

Petty also explained that Hollywood Oyster has an operation that is all about saving time and getting the consumer the freshest oyster possible.

As soon as the water-men are done bring the cages to surface the oysters are processed. Soon after processing is complete at the dock, they are quickly transported to the shipping quarters to be sent to the consumers.

Increasing the Chesapeake’s oyster populations is a high priority in Maryland, due to the creatures’ ability to filter vast amounts of water, improving its quality. Not to mention that oyster reefs also provide habitats for a variety of other fish, and therefore this becomes benefiting to the entire ecosystem.

Petty stated, “We have a camp site operation, but when you look closer there is a lot of processes going on that are critical to how the Hollywood Oyster Company produces the best tasting oysters.”

Petty went into great detail about the rows of 3’x4′ off bottom cages of oysters create own micro-environments with crabs, minnows, mosses, barnacles and many other biologicals.

“There are so many factors that come into play that give our oyster their unique taste; the same came be said with any other oyster. It is the environment that makes each oyster’s taste unique,” said Petty. The pristine Chesapeake estuary is the life support system that one of the world’s largest.

If any readers of this article are hankering for a dozen Hollywood Oysters, you will be pleased to know that Snellman’s General Merchandise (Shuck Shack) serves them Friday nights for happy hour after 5 p.m. They are located at 25201 Sotterley Road in Hollywood or call 301-373-2776.

For more information about the Hollywood Oyster Company go to their web site. They are located at 44149 Tranquility Farm Lane in Hollywood and can be reached by calling 301-710-6396.