Gentle Green Dental Care had its official ribbon cutting on April 6, almost exactly four months after opening Dec. 8.

Dr. Kareema Mohomed is the practicing dentist and owner of the business. She has been practicing dentistry for almost nine years.

Gentle Green Dental Care practices general dentistry for all ages, accepts major insurances and is the only “green” dentist office in St. Mary’s County.

“We do a lot of things to make the office green,” said Mohomed. “One of the biggest things is removing silver fillings in an environmentally safe way. People don’t want silver fillings in their mouth and we remove them in a way that prevents swallowing and breathing in the vapors and we have a filter that prevents the fillings from getting back into the environment.”

Along with safely removing fillings, Mohomed said that the office has done several other things to practice green dentistry.

She said that all lighting is LED, all instruments are washed in a biodegradable solution to make it safe to pour down the drain, 100 percent recycled paper towels, toilet tissue, and tissue paper are used, and several other things that can be read about on their website.

Mohomed said that something else that sets them apart from other dentists is the fact that they use Young Living Essential Oils to help calm patients.

“We put a little dab of the oil on everyone’s bib,” she said.

According to Mohomed the smell of the oil helps patients by covering up the “dentist” smell and replacing it with something nice.

The name “Gentle Green” was created by Mohomed herself.

“Gentle because, well, I’m gentle,” she said, laughing. “And green because we practice green dentistry.”

Their mission statement is as follows:

We strive to treat and maintain the oral health of all of our patients in a comfortable, caring and high-tech environment. We are green conscious. Green Dentistry supports a wellness lifestyle by using products with more natural ingredients that are safer for us and the environment. We will then protect our environment by reducing waste and pollution and saving water and electricity. Success of our practice will depend on focused attention and quality care while implementing the green lifestyle.

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