La Plata, MD – A man hoping to make it big as a hip-hop artist will have to wait just a little while longer to launch his career after Charles County Circuit Court Judge H. James West sentenced him to spend 20 days in jail as part of a plea agreement Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Brandon Dion Carr, 26 of Fort Washington, will report Monday, Nov. 3 to the Charles County Detention Center to begin serving his sentence for violation of probation.

West gave Carr two options, that of serving 13 months and “being done” or to serve the 20 days and continue on probation. After conferring with Public Defender Michael Beach, Carr opted for the 20 days.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Constance B. Kopelman argued for jail time, telling West, “this is a serious offense. There are two counts of robbery. He was given a break by this court, he was given probation. No matter what his excuse is, he didn’t report. The state is asking for a significant period of incarceration.”

“He was at least calling on occasion,” said Charles County Public Defender Michael Beach. “He was living in his car for a while, roaming from place to place. His housing situation was bad. His inability to get a ride was not a willful violation.

“He has tested negative for drugs for the past year and a half,” Beach added, “which is kind of unusual compared to a lot of defendants we see.

“This is a young man with a really unique gift,” he said. “He’s working on his music and trying to stay out of trouble. He has a two-year-old daughter. He’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing.”

West then gave Carr the option of doing 20 days and continuing on probation or doing 13 months of straight time. Carr chose the 20 days after conferring with the public defender.

“You’re getting the benefit of the doubt here,” West told the defendant. “The caviat is, if you violate probation again, you’re going to face serious time.”

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