larry hogan won't vote for donald trump

Annapolis, MD – Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) announced Wednesday that he will not vote for Donald Trump, the Republican party’s presumptive nominee. Hogan is still undecided about who—if anyone—he will vote for in November’s general election.

Hogan had already been on the record saying he would not endorse the New York business magnate, but had repeatedly dodged questions about who he would vote for until Wednesday.

Hogan was originally an ardent supporter of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie ultimately endorsed Trump after suspending his presidential campaign following a disappointing showing in the New Hampshire primary, but Christie’s endorsement apparently had no effect on Hogan’s decision.

Maryland Democrats have criticized Hogan for not actively speaking out against Trump. In March, Representative John Delaney (D) plastered a “Silence is an endorsement” billboard in Annapolis in reference to Hogan’s reticence to decry Trump.

Even after Wednesday’s announcement, Democrats still don’t appear fully satisfied with Hogan’s stance. Charles Conner, executive director of Maryland’s Democrat Party, said on Wednesday that Hogan should “speak out” against Trump.