Governor Hogan Signs 140 Additional Bills Into Law

ANNAPOLIS, Md.—On May 16, 2022, Governor Larry Hogan signed an additional 140 bipartisan bills into law, including the state’s historic capital budget, as well as measures to cap the cost of insulin, expand the state’s commitment to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and permanently allow paramedics and EMTs to administer vaccines.

“Today we are signing dozens of impactful measures that directly affect Marylanders’ daily lives, including a historic capital budget that will help build new schools, modernize our parks, and make homeownership more accessible,” said Governor Hogan.

“Together, we have put the people’s priorities first, and we have achieved real, common sense bipartisan solutions to change Maryland for the better.”

The governor was joined for today’s signing ceremony—the sixth of 2022—by House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson.

In his opening comments, the governor highlighted the following measures:

-This year’s historic $4 billion capital budget, which commits record funding to a number of key priorities—including school construction; the environment, parks and open spaces, and Chesapeake Bay restoration; affordable housing, homeownership assistance, and neighborhood revitalization programs; and local grants to counties and municipalities to improve infrastructure and services.

-The Insulin Cost Reduction Act, which caps copayments at $30 for a 30-day supply of insulin.

-The Dementia Services Act, to expand the state’s commitment to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Legislation codifying one of the state’s emergency COVID-19 measures to allow paramedics and EMTs to administer vaccines.

The full list of bills enacted is available here.

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  1. How much more can they waste on stuff that was already budgeted for?
    A lot of this was supposed to come from the gambling places across Maryland like MGM, Rod & Reel, etc. Oh well, they don’t call them “bills” for nothing…

      1. You’re such a sad, pathetic broken record! You’re a lonesome, angry, democrat and you need to get a job and a life so you can keep paying for my awesome retirement.
        You’re such a dumb dog to think that I don’t pay taxes. Oh well; Stay healthy so I can stay happily retired. 🙂

  2. i didn’t know we could tolerate more laws & get up in the morning. Apparently, we can. We’re already in 1/ 10 most expensive states to live in, do we have 1/ 10 most laws? Are we in the top 10 in laws? Are we among the 10 states in the US that have the most laws?

  3. really, its getting to the point where if there is a new law, we ought to be sitting down when we hear it. its that kind of news

  4. because of the illegal immigration\ border crisis, is eeo temporarily suspended? That is, can someone be discriminated against for appearing to be not from this country? Is there some kind of rule that that law is only in effect if immigration is handled the prescribed way. ?

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