ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Governor Larry Hogan today issued vetoes of four legislative measures:

• HB 16, sanctuary state legislation that would impede local law enforcement’s ability to cooperate with federal law enforcement.

• HB 23, legislation that would impede law enforcement’s ability to conduct investigations.

• SB 420, legislation to legalize the possession and distribution of heroin paraphernalia.

• SB 202, legislation removing governors from the state’s parole process, making it less accountable to the public.

House Bill 16 – Correctional Services – Immigration Detention – Prohibition
House Bill 23 – Personal Information – State and Local Agencies – Restrictions on Access

“Local law enforcement should fully cooperate with federal law enforcement—a principle I have consistently upheld throughout three federal administrations led by presidents from both political parties. Flawed legislation such as this sets a dangerous precedent regarding the state’s commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of our citizens. … As governor, I believe in creating an inclusive and diverse Maryland, which is why our administration has consistently welcomed refugees who the federal government has determined are properly and legally seeking refugee status and have been adequately vetted. By promoting diversity and inclusion for all while upholding our commitment to public safety, Maryland’s approach is consistent with both our laws and our values.” Read the veto message.

Senate Bill 420 – Criminal Law – Drug Paraphernalia for Administration – Decriminalization
“SB 420 is a dangerous bill that completely erases the illegality of certain controlled dangerous substance paraphernalia by legalizing the delivery, sale, manufacturing, and possession of these dangerous and damaging items. This is an ill-advised policy change that does nothing to remove drug dealers from our streets or reduce opioid-related fatalities, and instead encourages the use and possession of paraphernalia associated with drug use. If enacted, this bill would permit drug dealers to stockpile large quantities of paraphernalia, such as needles and syringes, and sell it to vulnerable individuals suffering from addiction.” Read the veto message.

Senate Bill 202 – Correctional Services – Life Imprisonment – Parole
“As a firm believer in rehabilitative justice, I agree that all individuals serving life sentences with the possibility of parole deserve to be meaningfully considered for parole. I also recognize that each of the crimes that these individuals committed includes a victim and a family that had their lives forever altered by the actions of another. I have an obligation to ensure the safety of all Marylanders, and including the governor in the parole process provides an important check on the Maryland Parole Commission, especially since the individuals who are sent to me for consideration have committed truly horrendous crimes, including first degree murder, rape, and sexual assault.” Read the veto message.

Additional legislative actions will be announced in the coming days.