Governor Wes Moore Delivers His First State Of The State Address
Governor Wes Moore

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Wes Moore released the following statement on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address: 

“I’d like to thank Senator Cardin for the invitation to attend President Biden’s State of the Union address—it was historic both in celebrating the Biden-Harris administration’s achievements and in sharing their vision for America’s future. Marylanders should be confident in our strong support and partners in Washington—including President Biden, Vice President Harris, and our Congressional delegation—who will work closely with us to build on bipartisan legislative accomplishments and do everything we can to help Maryland’s working families.

Maryland is benefitting right now from the president’s economic agenda, which is spurring a manufacturing boom in clean energy, semiconductors, and infrastructure. Just last week, we hosted President Biden and Secretary Buttigieg in Baltimore to kick off the B&P Tunnel Replacement Program—the tunnel that will now be known as the Frederick Douglass Tunnel. Thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the state will invest $450 million to support this major infrastructure project. Construction of the Frederick Douglass tunnel will generate up to 30,000 jobs in the Baltimore region, including 20,000 construction jobs, and will create sustained investment in the region. 

We’re going to support President Biden in finishing the job and implementing economic legislation so no one is left behind; that includes improving the standard of living in people’s everyday lives and keeping communities safe. We share the president’s vision to invest in America, and in Maryland, in a way that is fiscally responsible, reduces the deficit without cutting Social Security or Medicare, and by leveling the playing field by finally making the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans begin to pay their fair share.

We will realize action in bipartisan opportunities for advancement, especially when it comes to direct support for mental health and substance use programs and supporting our veterans. We are going to act boldly and move in partnership as we commit to rebuilding the backbone of the country and our state and unite to restore the soul of the nation.”

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  1. I had higher hopes that he wasn’t a Biden worshiping zombie snowflake. I see I had false hopes. Maryland is in trouble again. More communist activity coming towards law abiding citizens.

  2. he already started, and being in the military all those years funny how quick he forgot about the continuation of the US

  3. This man has some of the worst policies ever. He’s only concerned with Baltimore. He listens to the media and says his opponents are trying to decrease Social Security and Medicare when that is far from the truth. More socialistic policies will not help our state or country.

  4. If Biden is destroying the country, what did you call what Trump did? Killed a million people by falsely claiming the virus would just go away. Had people attack the capital.

    1. You need to step back from the liberal conspiracy stuff….. Ev
      En the FBI and Secret service said they had not listened to Intel and did not prepaid. Trump did t call anyone to riot at the Capitol. Also yes it was basically a riot not an armed insurrection. No one on the Capitol grounds had a firearm on them how was this an attempted “Insurrection”?

  5. Oh I new I would get a laugh out of reading the comments to this headline!! I was not disappointed.

  6. I wonder what planet this guy’s living on. Because all I heard were lies so he sounded great in the eyes of people who will vote for him.

  7. How is the country going to afford all these good ideas i cannot afford higher groceries or gas or taxes

  8. What a laugh. Another hallucinatory governor that really shows the only one profiting from this disastrous presidents BS are the Uber rich. Maryland certainly took 4 steps down from the last governor.

  9. If our new Governor is backing Biden and his visions he is NOT considering the welfare of the citizens of Maryland . And I did not cast my vote for him . Things are way worse since Biden took office . Gas is up , groceries are out of sight , our retirement funds have gone down . What makes you think this is better ? All I see are things that don’t benefit our state or Country

    1. I am interested to understand what power you think the President of the United States has to control gas prices, food prices or your retirement funds. And if you think he has total control over the economy why do you not mention the positive news since Jan 2021 like: rise in the value of housing or the 12 million jobs created or the lowest unemployment rate since the 1960s.

      1. housing shouldn’t increase that rapidly, it balloons the economy. 12 million jobs created isn’t outstanding given those were post lockdown when companies closed down all together. If you think unemployment is low, I got some news for you on how to understand how they calculate that rate.

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