Firefighter John Ulmschneider was shot to death during the April 15 incident in Temple Hills.

Upper Marlboro, MD – Prince George’s County authorities announced Thursday afternoon, July 14 that the Temple Hills man who shot two firefighters when they entered his residence April 15 has been indicted on six counts related to his illegal ownership of the firearm. The Prince George’s State’s Attorney’s Office confirmed none of the six counts in the indictment is related to the discharge of the firearm during the incident. The charges carry maximum penalties totaling 45 years.

One of the firefighters, John Ulmschneider, 37 of St. Mary’s County, died as a result of his wounds. The other firefighter, Kevin Swain, 19, was seriously wounded but was released from the hospital a few days after the incident.

 Various sources have identified the man who shot Ulmschneider and Swain as Darrell Lumpkin. The firefighters went to Lumpkin’s house to check on his welfare after receiving a request to do so. After the entered the house they were shot. Lumpkin told police he believed the men had broken into the home and were going to rob him.

During a press conference in Upper Marlboro Thursday afternoon, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks stated a grand jury reviewed the case and “declined to return an indictment of murder.” Alsobrooks said that due to a 1980 assault conviction, Lumpkin was “disqualified” from owning a firearm. In addition to the .380 used to shoot Ulmschneider and Swain, investigators found two other guns in Lumpkin’s home.

“There was no good result,” said Alsobrooks of the case investigation. She added the grand jury considered the intent of the homeowner as well as his state of mind at the time of the shootings. “He said he thought his home was being broken into,” Alsobrooks said.

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