Today, this amazing lady came to Sheriff’s Office headquarters. Her name is Denna Taggart and she asked to meet with Detective Corporal Bill Raddatz in person. Bill was at out of the office. Detective Ellis offered to deliver the card to Bill, however Mrs. Taggart insisted on waiting. Mrs. Taggart waited in her car for nearly an hour.

When Bill arrived she enthusiastically greeted him in the lobby and presented him with a hand made card from her son, Connor. She hugged Bill. She thanked him for the Shop With A Cop program and all of his hard work and dedication. In fact, she thanked everyone from the teacher and doctor who submitted Connor’s name for participation in the program, to all of the law enforcement officers who gave their time, to all of those who donated money to make the event possible, and the Trooper, (Trooper First Class Tenorio, LaPlata Barrack), who took Connor to Shop With A Cop.

She thanked her 6 year old son, Connor, for bringing home Christmas gifts for the entire family. Bill added he had seen Connor initially leaving Walmart without a single gift for himself. Connor only bought a toy for himself after Bill sent him back inside with Trooper.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs. Taggart told Bill, “I wanted to see you in person to tell you that you made a difference. I’m so very thankful for our police officers and what you all do. I had no idea Shop With A Cop existed. Thank you so much. Thank you.”