Governor Larry Hogan
Governor Larry Hogan

ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement:

“For nearly eight years, we have been fighting to end the gerrymandering monopoly that has for too long been a shameful legacy of our state. This ruling is a monumental victory for every Marylander who cares about protecting our democracy, bringing fairness to our elections, and putting the people back in charge. It puts in plain view the partisan, secretive, and rigged process that led to the legislature’s illegal and unconstitutional maps.

“I call on the General Assembly to immediately pass the independent Citizens Redistricting Commission maps that were written with accountability and transparency.

“This is an historic milestone in our fight to clean up the political process in our state, and ensure that the voices of the people we are elected to serve are finally heard.”

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  1. If he really wants to change the map, open up the primaries. Let us vote for whoever we want to instead of being forced to vote party lines.

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