Annapolis, MD – On Thursday, April 2 Maryland Governor Larry Hogan introduced a second supplemental budget for FY2016. 

According to a press release from the governor’s office, in the capital budget, the supplemental includes funding for the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in California.

The University System of Maryland recently signed an agreement with the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center for a third building to be built at the center for the development of unmanned systems for civilian use, such as aerial drones and land and underwater machines.

According to Hogan’s office, the governor’s supplemental fulfills the balance needed to complete this project.

The press release from the governor refers to $450,000 in the supplemental budget for the third building. “It is good news for us,” said Del. Tony O’Donnell [R; 29C], who added that the remainder of the monies needed for the project ($2.4 million) are included in prior authorizations for the University of Maryland system. Those monies still need to be reprogrammed into the budget and he said he and the delegation are working to see that happen. O’Donnell blames the problem on the late submission of their budget by the University of Maryland system.

The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have committed $1 million of the total $3.8 million needed to get the design and engineering for the third phase completed in the next fiscal year to keep the construction schedule on track.

The Bay Net’s Senior Writer Dick Myers, contributed to this report.