Jamar L. Williams 

Lexington Park, MD— On May 5, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Alvin Beishline arrived at the Three Oaks Center–a facility that aids the homeless and is located on Lei Drive in Lexington Park–to investigate an alleged assault. Beishline spoke to the center program manager. 

The manager told Beishline that he received a phone call from volunteer staff at the center regarding a client threatening to stab and harm them. The victim advised, “He arrived at the center and spoke with the defendant, who was identified as Jamar L. Williams, 31, of Lexington Park, who was seated in the ‘smoking area’ to the rear of the building,” according to charging documents.

The victim advised that he sat down near Williams and asked him what was going on. According to charging documents, “Williams immediately jumped up and began striking the victim in the facial area with a closed fist.”

 A witness observed the assault happening and quickly intervened by separating Williams from the victim and removing him from the area. Beishline observed two lacerations to the inside lower lip of the victim, which was consistent with being struck in the face. 

The victim estimated that he was struck at least two times, said Beishline. The witness advised, “The assault was unprovoked, and Williams was threatening volunteer staff just before the assault, stating he was going to stab everyone and that ‘this is my house, get the expletive out,” according to charging documents.  

Beishline made contact with Williams near the Tulagi Place bus stop. Williams admitted to punching the victim in the face because he did not like what the victim said to him. Williams was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where he was charged with second-degree assault. 

Williams is tentatively scheduled to appear in District Court June 7. Williams faces a maximum jail sentence of 10 years and/or a maximum fine of $2,500. 

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