Freelance writing and blogging for income

Increasing your income writing as a blogger

Didn’t you know that you can make a living as a writer? Most of the young professionals are aiming high to earn good money by spending sleepless nights in their offices. Some graduates begin with a tiring physical job at the factory. But is there a need to waste your time on what you hate?

Most of the students dislike writing. This process is usually associated with essays and research papers on boring topics related to boring subjects. But what if you were asked to write a music essay? What about sharing your emotions after your break-up? And what about sharing your last vacation with friends with the word of mouth?

To earn money as a freelance writer, you should choose one of the existing fields of writing:

1. Academic
2. Business
3. Technical
4. Creative

As you can guess, the majority of the students prefer the last option. It makes no wonder that people like talking about whatever they like instead of conducting in-depth researches and relying on the mind of other people. It is really possible to receive more than enough per living with the help of your PC or laptop.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to write on political or economic issues. You can write on everything by running your own blog. And even make use of a blog idea generator. It’s just that you have to know the rules of successful blogging. Basically, you need to follow 4 very easy steps:

• Explore best online posts
• Learn tips for getting published
• Join a supportive writing community
• Read more books and corresponding guides

It all seems pretty simple, huh? In fact, many young writers fail this mission due to one silly human feature – laziness. You have to do these steps regularly. Then, you won’t stop at the same development level. Your greatest post may be relevant in June, but it would be outdated in July. That’s how it works.

Anyway, hypos about blog writing lead to numerous mistakes that prevent many good bloggers from generating revenues. We have collected most frequently met mistakes associated with this activity so that you can learn how to do everything right.

1. Blogging every single day

That’s what we’ve been told for a while: blog-blog ‘til you drop. Posting every day is the best proof that the content is fresh, and the audience won’t fade away. It’s wrong!

Right, you have to update your page regularly with the fresh and engaging content. But the truth is everyday posting might burn bloggers out. You may insert some images if you wish to keep your blog alive each day. However, when it comes to the text blog, it is better to have some rest. Researching, composing, editing and publishing require too much time. Second, most of the readers DO NOT want to observe new articles every day and every single minute. You risk publishing low-quality content by being in a hurry. It is better to write new blogs three times per week.

2. Too Much Attention to SEO

Search engine optimization is, no doubt, the main reason for your blog to be discovered and actually read. You should fight for your place in Google’s top. You should make sure your content is optimized for every potential user. But you don’t have to think that each blog post must consist of the certain number of keywords or key phrases to succeed. Linking to other reliable sources guarantees website’s trustworthiness. However, there is no need to overload your texts with links.

Remember that Google has a highly advanced algorithm. Spamming your post with keywords may ruin your reputation. The text will then look boring. You shouldn’t forget about the final user, keeping in mind SEO requirements as well. Just stay funny, original, and download Yoast’s SEO plug-in or another software for platforms like WordPress to help you out.

3. People will arrive when you write
Composing a story of a high quality (no grammar or spelling mistakes, perfect punctuation, excellent word usage, etc.) is all a writer has to do to make his blog number one.

It’s only half the battle. You should be sure that people are familiar with the topic. No one likes to read about something absolutely new to him. Remember about main marketing principles. Try to share or re-post your masterpiece wherever you can.  Finally, mind the peak online activity to share the post with your target audience.

4. Nobody uses E-mail lists
Many content writers and even professional copywriters conduct the same mistake: they ignore the role of e-mail listing. They prefer to think that social media is the only channel they need to:

– promote their writing
– keep in touch with their readers

Well, it is effective. But it’s not enough all alone. E-mail campaigns are necessary to connect with your existing followers in order to improve your relations.  In addition, people like to feel special. Your existing readers are ready to opt-in to hear you, so motivate them to invite their friends to join. Thus, you can increase the current base with the help of friendly e-mail lists.

5. Only come up with the short posts

From one side, it is true that brief posts are easier to read. However, you cannot cover simply every topic in the world in just a few words. It won’t be a problem for a user to scroll down to read the entire post on the interesting topic. It might be a problem if the post lacks information.

Long and detailed posts work great. You just need to make them comfortable to observe. Add bullet points, highlight the most important parts, choose proper images and videos, use headings and subheadings. You may also insert kind of FAQ at the end of your main post. Encourage your readers to communicate with each other and discuss your ideas.