Hollywood, MD – There once was a time when cable was important in our lives and allowed us to watch television in the home with family or alone. However, today, media streaming devices are replacing cable TV. It’s worth exploring why media streaming devices became so popular. 

Why the Cable TV is in decline

The main advantage of satellite and cable television is that you have different choices and systems and that give  you the possibility to change different aspects of programming. Through streaming sites, you won’t be able to enjoy new content and programming that is premiered on cable channels because you have to wait a significant amount of time to watch them online on Netflix or Hulu.

Also, most sporting events are in most cases available on television and different pay channels that are more expensive if you want to watch them through media streaming services and other OTT websites. However, there are different ways such as Amazon Prime that allows you to watch streaming sporting shows, but nothing is better than sitting on the sofa with your family and enjoying the game.

Causes for Decline in Cable TV Viewers


It is more convenient to stream videos:

The main reasons why people are choosing to distance themselves from traditional satellite and cable television, and pay for premium streaming services are because they are affordable and give you the possibility to enjoy in numerous movies without ads and additional problems. However, if you are using cable television you are bound to watch what program you want to. There is no control over the program and at the end, you cannot pause it whenever you want and continue from that specific place because it is aired in real-time.

You have the full control of watching:

People are used to having full control on their viewing aspects, which means that they can stop watching, like on Netflix, and when they decide to start again it will immediately continue from the exact place that you have stopped. As a result, many people are choosing different cost-effective alternatives such as Hulu streaming service. However, you have to understand that there are cable companies that are merging with live streaming websites similar to Hulu streaming service, and therefore you will be able to watch both live programming or TV shows and movies of your choice through different OTT websites.

Reasons for Video Streaming Popularity

There are far too many choices:

The main reason why people started using this particular way of watching movies and TV shows, is because the Internet has grown in a way that we can access  it easily and it is much more reliable than cable television. However, we have to make an exception with smart TVs that are also popular among users because they contain great features that will provide you perfect a viewing experience. But they are still too much expensive.

Freedom of choosing what you want:

You will have the freedom of watching your own program with your demand on any device that you want with the only idea to reach your individual taste without interfering with the real-time program. The other reason is that Internet applications are updated frequently in a quicker pace and that will provide you greater video experience.

Why Video Streaming is Important?

Video Streaming is Cheaper:

The quality of videos is a letdown when you have in mind video streaming web sites. Of course, everything depends on the quality of your connection, speed and which web site you are using in order to watch online TV shows. There are many different problems with video streaming such as slow video startup, re-buffering, low resolution, and when you watch live streaming sporting events it could happen that the picture freezes and jumps every so often, which is not good for your viewing experience.

However, if you are using a premium streaming web site and you enter into subscription mode, you have to understand that most of these services have a free trial period, where you can try all its features and at the end, you can choose whether you want to continue or not. So if you choose Netflix and pay $11, you will get the possibility to enjoy in HD resolution movies and TV shows without any additional issue.

Why are people still using cable?

There are still people that are using cable because it is how they functioned since long ago and most people that are using it are older people who are not keen in changing and starting to stream through sites such as Netflix and Hulu. Everything is made according to the latest technology, and now we have different smart TVs that have a possibility to connect to the Internet and to watch movies and TV shows through different streaming web sites.

The study has show that 40 percent of households have any type of subscription to a premium video streaming services. There were many different surveys that found out that most of them prefer to watch movies, and some of them still wait for them favorite TV show on television live program. When we compare age groups between 14-25 we can say that more than 90 percent of them are using Netflix or Hulu movie streaming services through their devices such as tablets, smartphones or computers. However, older-age people are still faithful to traditional television and most of them are enjoying this particular way.


We have presented you ways how media streaming devices are replacing cable TV, however, it won’t happen that easily, because there are still people who are not keen on technological advancement and they will always try the different aspect of watching their favorite shows and movies.