Generally speaking, summer is a good time to hold your wedding ceremony. The weather in summer is warm, so you can wear short or sleeveless wedding dresses which are popular among brides without feeling cold. Besides, the vegetation is lush in summer, so you will find the scenery is very beautiful outside.

Although holding your wedding in summer is good and romantic, there are also some challenges. Here I will give you some smart and useful suggestions on planning a wedding in summer.

First, think about the food.

When you are preparing your summer wedding, you need to make sure that the foods offered to guests are fresh.

As the weather in summer is not cool, the foods go bad easily.

Therefore, you had better prepare the foods that are simple and easy to keep fresh, such as cucumber sandwiches, waffles, fresh fruits and some others. Besides, you can also use ice to keep the foods cool.

Second, choose your summer wedding dress carefully.

You had better avoid wearing heavy or complicated wedding dresses in summer because they will restrict your freedom of movement. A simple and light bridal gown is the best choice, so you can consider choosing chiffon or organza wedding dresses which are cool and comfortable. Besides, if you are planning a summer beach wedding, I suggest you choose a short wedding dress instead of a long one because the sand will make your long dress dirty. At last, do not forget to buy bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids.

Third, pay attention to your make-up.

As the weather in summer is hot, you need to keep your make-up neat and natural. It is not wise to use liquid foundations and eyeliners in summer because they will melt in hot temperatures. However, if you want your make-up simple and sheer, you just need to use light mineral foundations, waterproof mascara, eye shadow primer and lip gloss.

Fourth, wear appropriate and comfortable shoes.

If you are going to host an outdoor summer wedding, you had better not wear high heels. Kitten heel scandals or flats are appropriate and comfortable. However, if the wedding will be held on the beach, you can just choose barefoot scandals.

Tips and warnings

Remember to apply sunscreen before makeup.
Do not forget bug protection.
Although summer is hot, you had better dress conservatively.
Refreshing drinks and iced tea can make your guests feel cool and happy.
Choose a backup location in case it rains.
If you still have some questions about wedding planning, you can read my other articles. It is hoped that we all can find the best way to plan the wedding.

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