U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer

BOWIE, Md. – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement this morning after winning the Maryland Democratic Primary in Maryland’s Fifth District:

“I am deeply honored to have been selected by Democrats across the Fifth District to be their nominee for Congress in the general election this November. 

I’ve been proud to serve as our district’s Congressman and work to deliver results for Marylanders in Washington, fighting for equality, justice, and opportunity for all. 

Together, we have achieved so much over the years, but the challenges our state and our country continue to face mean there is still so much work ahead. 

As Congressman and as House Majority Leader, I will continue working hard to bring resources and opportunities back to our district while maintaining the best and most responsive constituent services. 

I am eager to keep spending time in those communities that will be new to the Fifth District next year and to work just as hard on behalf of their residents as I have for those who have been part of our district for many years already. 

As we unite as Democrats and look beyond the primary toward November, I look forward to campaigning with others on our Democratic ticket as we offer Marylanders a platform of progress, commonsense solutions, and a commitment to building a democracy in which all voices are heard and everyone has a chance to make it in America.” 

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  1. This clown has represented St. Mary’s County and the State of Maryland for far too long. The State Flag was upside down in his campaign add. Drain the swamp!

  2. Mr. Hoyer has been in D.C. for 41 years, it’s time to retire. We need new fresh minds. These oldie Goldie’s are set in their ways. They may act concerned about your worries and opinions, but it’s just that… an act. What do St. Mary’s Countians have after 41 years? High taxes, drugs, and crime (and getting worse every day). Time for a change.

    1. Just about every job in St. Mary’s County is because of Steny Hoyer. He kept the DOD from closing Pax River and has been the driving force behind its expansion.

      1. Bull hockey! He’s had about as much to do with it as you have. The Navy is here because it suits their mission to be here. They will remain here until that’s not the case, with or without Steny.

      2. Yes, it is nice that high tech and good paying employment has come to SMC; but so have the problems of too much population growth combined with an inadequate infrastructure. A large % of SMC’ers haven’t benefited. The character of SMC has changed, not necessarily for the better. Such as both constant military and civilian aircraft noise over property in the family for 100+ years multiple miles from PAX RIVER.

  3. It is so depressing coming onto this site and reading comments like these. Most of these comments are from people who don’t seem to understand that Steny Hoyer is in Congress. He’s not a county commissioner. He’s not an elected representative to the state government. While I agree it is time for him to retire, bashing the guy for the failures of the county/state govt is unfair.

    1. What has he for the country? Nothing the Democraps are anti Americans. They are tearing this country apart Americans should comes first. They care more about the illegals than our own people. FJB FSH

  4. Wrote Steny’s office (on his website) on 07/17. As of 07/22, no acknowledgement that anyone has looked at what I wrote.

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