LEONARDTOWN, Md. – With Bloom & Sply, shopping for plants online has never been easier. This new plant delivery service is a convenient way to purchase and receive plants without leaving the comfort of your home.

On the 29th episode of The BayNet’s Podcast, “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” the hosts ‘Get Real’ with John Hurley from Bloom & Sply about his new plant delivery service.

Hurley is also the owner of Hurley Landscape & Design in Leonardtown, Maryland, but he didn’t get his start there. Hurley caught the bug for growing from his horticulture classes in high school. 

Twenty years later, Hurley and his new service, Bloom & Sply, are changing the way of gardening with their convenient online shopping experience and localized sourcing.

One of the biggest advantages of a plant delivery service is convenience. With just a few clicks, you can choose the plants you want and have them delivered to your doorstep. 

“We give really good plant knowledge on the website about planting instructions, light requirements, sizing, all of that. So we take a lot of the hassle out of it. And you know when you order from us, it’s going to be a high-quality product whether you pick it up or have it delivered,” Hurley told Chris and Mark. 

Bloom & Sply works with local nurseries that specialize in producing healthy and high-quality plants. 

“I grew up in the nursery business, so this is my bread and butter, my cup of tea. It’s what I really like to do. I know what a good plant is. I know where to find them, so we make sure our suppliers have the resources to get quality material,” Hurley explained. 

Bloom & Sply offers a wide selection of plants to choose from. They have everything from trees, flowers, soil, and mulch. 

“I see Bloom & Sply being something that you can grow,” Mark said to Hurley, “not just in Southern Maryland, but you could make it a big thing like 1-800-Flowers.” 

See what all the hype is about on Bloom & Supply’s website

Check Bloom & Sply’s Facebook for photos and product updates. 

Watch the full episode for insight into how Hurley became an entrepreneur: https://youtu.be/o2Qzb3wppvg


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