bald eagle charles county

CHARLES COUNTY, Md. — Ding dong, delivery! The following social media post was made after a Charles County resident flagged an injured bald eagle on their property that needed some help.

The following message was posted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

“A Charles County resident reached out to us yesterday afternoon when he received a package he didn’t order. An injured bald eagle had perched on the rocking chair on his front porch and activated his doorbell camera.

When he arrived home later the eagle was still in his front yard and unable to fly more than a few feet.

When Wildlife and Heritage Response staff members Jane and Pauline arrived, the eagle was perched on the resident’s fence. They were able to capture the eagle and give it a brief exam. The eagle was then transported, by fellow Response Technician Dillon, to TriState Bird Rescue for further evaluation and treatment.”

Doorbell camera photo provided by Matthew and Leslie Daughhetee. Staff photo credited to Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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  1. This is a terrific story! Smart eagle to choose a house with a doorbell camera!! Thank you so much to the wildlife rescue and rehab professionals for getting this magnificent beauty the help he/she needs!

    1. No. When uninjured, they are known to carry off pet cats, ducks and small dogs, to feed to their young. Circle of life and all…

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