Jaymi Sterling

LEONARDTOWN, Md. — Jaymi Sterling[R], a fourteen-year career prosecutor, announced today she is running for State’s Attorney for St. Mary’s County in a video message. In the video, Sterling said she vows to restore integrity to the office and demand accountability.

The following details were provided by Sterling in a media release this morning:

“Sterling is a veteran prosecutor who has dedicated her career to public service. She has extensive jury trial experience prosecuting major violent crimes. She worked her way up to become Deputy State’s Attorney for St. Mary’s County.

As a long-time resident of St. Mary’s County, Sterling understands our community’s concerns with the recent rise of big-city crime seeping into our County.

“As a prosecutor, I never shied away from taking on tough cases. Throughout my career, I prosecuted some of the worst criminals in St. Mary’s, Anne Arundel, and Frederick counties,” Sterling said.

She pledges to protect our families, neighborhoods, and communities from career criminals. Sterling has a proven track record of successfully advocating for harsher penalties for repeat drunk drivers and convicted sex offenders.

“As State’s Attorney, I will prioritize efforts to fight violent crime, corruption, drug dealing, drunk driving, domestic violence, sex offenders, and repeat offenders,” Sterling said. “We cannot jail our way out of the opioid epidemic. Enough is enough. I am dedicated to cracking down on drug dealers who peddle this poison.”

During discussions with community members, Sterling heard many concerns about prosecutions not being evenly pursued and a lack of transparency in the criminal justice system.

“I believe community trust is a cornerstone of an effective State’s Attorney’s Office. As a first step to regaining the community’s confidence in an independent, non-partial State’s Attorney’s Office, I will not be accepting any campaign donations from criminal defense lawyers, criminal defense law firms, or their family members,” Sterling said.

A notable and well-respected prosecutor, Sterling has been honored by the Daily Record and the Maryland State Bar Association as one of Maryland’s “2022 Leaders in Law.” She was nominated as the 2022 Woman of the Year for the St. Mary’s County Commission for Women and recognized as one of Southern Maryland’s 2022 “Women to Watch” by the APG Media of Chesapeake for the second year in a row. In 2021, Sterling was honored as Maryland’s “Top 100 Women” by the Daily Record.

Sterling is also a leader outside the courtroom. She is a wife, a mother of two young children, and a longtime volunteer in our community, coaching high school softball, raising money for the Special Olympics and serving on the boards of several nonprofit and charity groups.

To learn more about Sterling, visit her website at jaymisterling.com or “Like” her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofJaymiSterling

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  1. Yesssss! I will definitely vote for you time for new people in the office and integrity is key.

  2. I know first hand Jaymi is privileged/ entitled and lacks integrity.
    Saying words and shining a spotlight on her own weakness is not political integrity.
    But sure…who doesn’t want change, but for stimulation- vote Hogan~ I mean Sterling.

  3. I think is great what you are doing and standing up for but you fail to mention what your plans are for bad police and the community of people or color

    1. Simple! Focus on the problem. Don’t focus on what’s not a problem. Take all efforts to clean up and keep pressure on the problem. Problem solved.

  4. my requirements: responsible prosecutions (don’t prosecute if you don’t have to), if community service will work, offer community service, if restitution will work, offer restitution, if a charity donation will work, offer a donation. Lets not have criminal records where they’re not necessary. Suggest responsible sentences, not excessive ones. If you can do that, go ahead. Please keep in mind those with convictions will eventually come out & they have to try & put their lives back together. Please keep in mind that when parents go to jail, their kids are without parents.

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