Budds Creek, MD- York Haven Pa.’s Jason Covert took top honors in last Friday nights 35-lap “Ernie Jones Memorial” Late Model event which also served as round three of the “Battle of the Bay” mini series. The win for Covert, worth $3022, was hid third of the season at the track and it came in his trusty Cameron/Mann owned Rocket XR-1 no.72.

The redraw placed Jason Covert and Kyle Hardy on the front row for the start of the event with Hardy vaulting into the race lead as the field drove off turn two. Hardy would lead the first 9 circuits before Covert took the top spot on the following tour.

Hardy battled back to retake the race lead on the 14th lap as he and Covert raced door to door until Covert was able to regain the lead on the 28th lap. Eventual runner up Dale Hollidge took second from Hardy on lap 29, but was no match for Covert as he took the checkered flag by three car lengths at the finish for his 13th career Potomac Late Model feature win. “That was one of the most fun races I have run in my entire career.” Covert stated post race. “Kyle got us at the start, but once we settled in and put some pressure on him, I think his tires gave up and we were able to get the lead back.” Covert had high praise for the racy Potomac surface. “The track was in great shape tonight.” Covert stated. “The last few races we’ve run here the track was dry and one lane, but you could race all over it here tonight.” Hardy held tough for third with Jamie Lathroum and Steven Axtell Jr. rounding out the top-five.

In the 20-lap Limited Late Model headliner, former track champion Kyle Lear, drove to his 3rd win of the season aboard his Rocket XR-1 no.151. The event was a milestone in Lear’s career as the win would be the 50th overall career feature score for the Severna Park Maryland driver. “This is a big win for our team.” Lear stated in victory lane after his 21st career win in the division “I’ve had so many good people help me along the way and I couldn’t have done it without them.” Tyler Emory was second for the third race in a row with Brandon Long, Billy Tucker and Kurt Zimmerman trailing at the finish.

Defending track champion Logan Roberson collected his 4th win of the season in the 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model main. Roberson took the top spot from Sparky White on the 8th lap and would then steer his Rocket XR-1 no.17R to his 9th career Potomac feature win, tying him with Darin Henderson for first on the all-time win chart. “Sparky was fast, but I had to try and get around him as quick as I could.” Said Roberson. “The track was so racy tonight, but once we got in clean air, this car was just about perfect.” Ninth starting Jamie Sutphin was second with Darren Alvey, Chuck Bowie and Matt Glanden completing the top-five.

In support class action, Ed Pope Jr. took his 2nd win of the season in the 16-lap Street Stock feature, Jonathan Raley drove to his 3rd win of the season and career 25th in the 15-lap Hobby Stock main with Ben Pirner and Jason Wilkins splitting the twin 15-lap U-Car features.

Late Model feature finish
1. Jason Covert 2. Dale Hollidge 3. Kyle Hardy 4. Jamie Lathroum 5. Steven Axtell Jr. 6. Tyler Horst 7. Nick Davis 8. Amanda Whaley 9. Kenny Moreland 10. Daryl Hills 11. Dustin Mitchell 12. Geoff Carey 13. Bob Geiger 14. Kerry King

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Kyle Lear 2. Tyler Emory 3. Brandon Long 4. Billy Tucker 5. Kurt Zimmerman 6. Jonny Oliver 7. Scott Wilson 8. Deuce Wright

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Logan Roberson 2. Jamie Sutphin 3. Darren Alvey 4. Chuck Bowie 5. Matt Glanden 6. Spark White 7. Jeff Pilkerton 8. Mike Franklin 9. Trevor Collins 10. Matt Tarbox 11. Matt Hill 12. Megan Mann

Hobby Stock feature finish
1. Jonathan Raley 2. Tommy Randall 3. Dave Adams 4. Jonathan Knott 5. Sam Archer 6. Jerry Deason 7. Ray Bucci 8. Kevin Murphy 9.Hilton Pickeral 10. James Rainey 11. Mikey Latham 12. Colin Long 13. Buddy Dunagan (DNS)

Street Stock feature finish
1. Ed Pope Jr. 2. Mike Latham 3. Mike Raleigh 4. Jeremy Pilkerton 5. Brandon Lowery 6. Tony Archer DNS- Jeremy Tinsman, Kyle Nelson

U-Car (make-up)
1. Ben Pirner 2. Kyle Randall 3. Savannah Windsor 4. Stephen Suite 5. Michael Leigh 6. Dominic King 7. Jamie Marks 8. Leon Stover 9. Ryan Quade DNS- Howard Dunn

U-Car (regular)
1.Jason Wilkins 2. Savannah Windsor 3. Larry Lamb 4. Dominic King 5. Justin Bowley 6. Jamie Marks 7. Ben Pirner 8. Stephen Suite 9. Stephanie Homberg 10. Kyle Randall 11. Daniel Soresi 12. Ryan Quade 13. Michael Leigh DNS- Leon Stover