La Plata, MD – For the first time in a little over two and a half years, Jesse Rae Colburn, 28, will not be incarcerated at Jessup, MD., Charles County Circuit Court Judge Helen Harrington decided at Colburn’s sentencing reconsideration Monday, Nov. 10. Where she goes from this point forward, the judge explained, will be up to her.

Colburn, who Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Francis J. Granados stated was incarcerated for drug related charges, had “serious addiction issues.” .

Harrington noted that Judge W. Louis Hennessy had signed off on what was referred to as an 8-505, which allows an inmate to apply for drug addiction treatment. Colburn was requesting an 8-507, which allows an addicted individual to attain and maintain sobriety through drug addiction treatment programs.

“I would appreciate a chance to go to rehab,” Colburn told the court. “I wanted to check into an 8-507, I believe it would be Jude House.”

The judge noted she didn’t have a basis for time served, as any time the defendant accumulated would be in District Court, where she has two pending cases.

“It seems very obvious that you understand this opportunity,” Harrington said. “I don’t see any productive reason for keeping you incarcerated,” she added.

“The friends you choose to hang around with will either help you or drag you down,” the judge admonished. “I would recommend sober housing and ask that you consider that. It’s like living in a dorm, which I think would be a better option while you are in treatment.

“You have quite a bit of trauma in your background,” Harrington said. “It will keep dragging you down if you are hanging around with people who use drugs. It’s up to you to beat that down. The court suspends the balance of your sentence consecutive to your district court cases.”

The judge placed Colburn on five years of supervised probation and told her to report to the Waldorf office within 45 days of her release. She was also told to report as directed and to attend her therapy regularly and permit the agent to visit her at her home. She also told her to report to the drug treatment program within 10 days and ordered a mental health evaluation.

“Enter that residential treatment program as soon as a bed is available to you,” Harrington said. “It’s a big step to take, but it’s a step.”

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