LA PLATA, Md. – The La Plata Police Department released the following statement following the video above being posted on social media:

“The La Plata Police Department is examining the facts of a June 26, 2022 video posted on social media at a La Plata car wash which allegedly involves our police officers. Once we have all the facts involving our police officers, the department will issue an official public statement.”

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  1. Yet this Brother is filming with his phone while driving…. SMDH ! I would think he’s got a citation coming ?.?.

    1. So you’re more concerned about him filming while driving in a car wash parking lot than this…….

    2. A citation coming? 🤣 yea, there is no problem with these officers doing “stuff” like this on the job and then pulling him over for filming it🤷‍♀️

    3. Seriously? That’s your takeaway from the video?? Officer, why were you there spraying young girls while in uniform?

  2. I’m not sure that there is a violation there, but we’ll soon find out, I’m sure. BTW: Where is LaPlata “merrlin? Tax dollars at “is bess”? It should be at THEIR best…
    “Nomad” is right. The cops there should have pulled him over for distracted driving. If only the cops really enforced our laws like they used to…

    1. But you’re ok with uniformed officers behaving this way? Show me how you’re racist without saying your racist.

    2. Sounds like someone needs to learn how to talk! Lol

      Dude has nothing better to do! SMH. He’s just jealous! How does he know they weren’t off duty and spending their money to wash the car?! And it could be wives. He needs to get a life! And this is supposed to be news because why??? Hmmm…🤔🤔🤔

      1. You worried about the wrong thing… they spaying the girls with water but should be out here doing their jobs… let this been a black officer you definitely wouldn’t be saying any of this smh.

    3. Starting to think you just might be one of the cops in the video. Making fun of peoples accents? You must be one miserable soul.

  3. Look at the idiots taking up for these idiots lol!! He’s filming while in the parking lot of the car wash 🙄

  4. Someone please find Tim’s IP address and put him on a pedo watchlist those are teenage girls ya creep

    1. Well if those girls are underage, then those “cops” are in a whole lot more trouble. Stop trying to deflect the real issue. On duty or off duty they are still in uniform which is pretty messed up

  5. He’s in a driveway/parking area. Which means he’s on private property. Which means no moving violation.

  6. I hate the double standard we have for the police. This is disrespectful in so many ways. They are disrespecting the uniform, themselves and the town of laplata. Lord knows if it was me I would have been in cuffs, with a prostitution charge.

  7. The girls could be in trouble and all you are concerned about it the guy filming. You are the creep!!!!

  8. I don’t think he’ll care about a citation of 5 mph. Futhermore what he recorded is more important! Right around election time too smh

  9. So my comment to all of this is that, all of the comments are speculation. We don’t know any facts from viewing the video. And as far as the videographer goes, how do we know he was driving. Human tendency is to jump to conclusions without knowing all of the facts. Let’s not do that.

    1. Pauline, this is the comment section of The Bay Net; we don’t apply reason or logic here. Now if you’re looking for conceit, hypocrisy and thinly veiled racism… well, you’ve come to the right place!

  10. 4 officers total – 2 filming it looks like and 2 spraying. No front plate on that truck.

  11. A vehicle being washed at a car wash. Unfriggingbelievable. Who could imagine that. We need more car wash laws to prevent washing cars at a car wash

  12. Cops got caught fooling around with teenagers at the carwash. Once they knew they were being shown around the world, they try the old “your taillight was out” syndrome. Too late . No wonder Charles County is going to waste.

  13. Yeah, but look at the taxpayers dollars spent on a non productive trip to Johannesburg Africa made by the commissioner Rubin and the others made a few years back on tax payers money, that gets the prize. Vote in new commissioners we need and deserve better!

  14. Nothing wrong with this video. Sometimes people need to mind their own business without be critical to other people life once it’s not a matter or life n death. Thank u officers. Shame on the man driving n using his ph. Get a life. Officers are human also n nothing wrong with mingling with the public. No harm 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. If those cops were black I bet this comment section would be a lot different lol and you all know it.

    1. How bout if they were green? Would there be a problem then? The fact remains that while in uniform representing the department these two bozos decided to have some soft porn fun with a couple of young women. Yes it’s wrong on so many levels and we’re it my daughter or patrol officer I would expect better.

    2. What if they were green? The bigger picture is that while in uniform representing the department these two bozos decided to engage in some soft porn activities. I don’t need to say that if one or both of these young “ladies” were mine they wouldn’t be able to sit for a week or more and be doing some extra community service. The issue is not the color of the officers but the behavior while in uniform.

      1. I’m just talking about their page comment section. They are defending these clowns trying to make excuses for them. This was wrong point blank

  16. Those are officers that are having sexual relationship with minors that are unreported in Charles County!

  17. Lmao you can tell all these bootlickers and triggered. Any one defending these worthless laplata cops are trash.

  18. Next year’s La Plata town police budget will, be 0ver $4 Million just for the police alone . It includes 28 police cars that officers can take home and actually use to drive family a d friends around. Most of the officers do not even. I’ve in La Plata.

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