Leonardtown, MD –  October 12, 2019 – Leonardtown Baptist Church (LBC) has new leadership, as Jason Pamblanco became senior pastor/staff elder for the St. Mary’s County congregation with approximately 300 members.  Pamblanco was voted in as senior pastor following an overwhelmingly affirmative election by that membership in August.  Though he officially began his tenure as senior pastor in mid-September, October 6 was the first day he led the congregation through the entire worship service.

“I’m thrilled to be here and looking forward to getting to know Southern Maryland and meeting people as we get involved in our new community,” he said. Pamblanco moved to St. Mary’s County from Florida with his wife, Christina, and their son.

Pamblanco has more than 15 years of full-time pastoral experience, 13 as a Worship Pastor, and the last two as Executive Pastor of Worship and Teaching at Thomasville Road Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL.

“I am passionate to proclaim the Word of God, and exalt the name of Jesus” he said. “Telling people the good news of Scripture is a tremendous privilege and joy.”

The senior pastor position at LBC opened as former senior pastor for 11 years, Mark Dooley, took a new position with the Southern Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware. He remains a lay elder at the church. 

Associate Pastor and staff elder, Allen Acker, took on the role of interim senior pastor in January 2019 while the church formed a search committee, updated job descriptions and actively sought and interviewed candidates for the position.

“Having Mark and Allen, with their history and knowledge as mentors and sounding boards for me in this new role is a tremendous blessing,” said Pamblanco. “I look forward to continuing to work with all of our elders, deacons, staff and lay leaders as I begin my ministry at LBC.”

For more information about Jason Pamblanco or the services and ministries of Leonardtown Baptist Church, call 301-475-2131, or visit www.lbcmd.org.