To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of the Breezy Point community, especially Gary and Pam Buschling, and Animal Control Officers Amy Howard, Fred Sheckles and Christie Montgomery and the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center of Lusby for the outstanding efforts they put forth to recover a lost dog or assist in the aftermath.

A former student of mine had adopted the dog about a week prior to the escape. After pushing open the front door of the house, the dog ran almost a mile away to the Breezy Point Estates and was taking up house in Gary and Pam’s yard.

We tried unsuccessfully for two days to recover the dog, which would dart away if we got too close. The entire community was helping us to recover the dog. It started with a community email so that everyone understood the situation. Every single home I stopped at to ask if they had seen the dog was friendly and helpful. One family, whose name I did not get, even packed their kids in the car and was driving around helping us to search. I couldn’t have picked a better community for this dog to get lost in.

Gary and his wife saw the dog in their yard and called me right away. The Buschlings graciously did whatever we needed them to do. They offered their support in many ways including allowing animal control to set up a trap and being willing to check the trap every so often. Gary and Pam expressed their love of dogs to us and never made us feel like we were a burden. Gary would keep in touch with me by phone all throughout the day and night when I wasn’t over there trying to do what I could personally.

Animal Control Officer Amy Howard drove to Lusby to pick up a trap from Officer Sheckles, who spoke with me and offered the trap, and drove it all the way to Chesapeake Beach to set it up. She tried for hours to help us catch the dog. She even came back on her day off with her personal dog to see if that would help coax the dog closer. Animal Control Officer Montgomery also assisted over the weekend to assess the situation and provide further assistance. The Animal Control department was exceptional in their giving of time and expertise. Many do not realize the genuine level of care they have for all animals. We, as a county, are lucky to have those particular animal control officers working for us.

I’d also like to sincerely thank the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center and Dr. Ron Wexler of Lusby for taking in the opossum that got stuck in the trap and was severely injured. They agreed to help without question, and should receive all of our support for everything they do on a daily basis to help injured and orphaned wildlife. We sure didn’t expect to get wildlife involved in this, but that’s the way it went.

The dog finally came close enough to Gary on his porch that we were able to recover her, unharmed and safe after almost three days of non-stop efforts. Thank you to everyone who helped resolve this emotionally draining situation! I’ve never met nicer people.

Lynne Gillis