TheBayNet Letter to the Editor
TheBayNet Letter to the Editor

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — The following letter was sent to by Marilyn Crosby of Lexington Park. Crosby is a former member of the St. Mary’s County Board of Education and a retired history teacher:

I’ve often said I have lived on the tip of a Russian missile for 60 of my 76 years. Today, it is on the tip of a Russian or Chinese  or both together.

As a history teacher at Chopticon in 1970, I was sent to a workshop on nuclear war. I was to use the information with  my students. We learned all kinds of dreadful things.  I believe the hope was if anyone contemplated using nuclear weapons that they would soon surmise that the consequences were so grave that it would not happen.  Mutually Assured Destruction has prevented it so far.  The theory is that no one wants to die, and use of these would kill both adversaries.  


So far, the United States has been the only country to use it.

The United States was the only country that had it. We have had two situations involving nuclear war.

                                                                                                                                                                     One, In order to defeat Japan in WWII, and save the lives of thousands, of American soldiers who would have to fight on the Japanese mainland, atom bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Two, we managed to avoid an atomic war with Russia in 1962.

We both had the bomb.  It is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I was 16 at the time and living in a suburb of the nation’s capital.  I feared atomic destruction.  I prayed to the Lord to allow me to grow up, marry, and have a family. I have been given all these things.  Now, I pray that all of us  will continue to prosper and to enjoy life in the world’s greatest  country.

What are some things we know about nuclear war?  

At Hiroshima, 80,000 were killed instantly. There was utter and complete destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  People were vaporized one half mile from ground zero.  There is the shadow of a woman 

on a concrete wall in Japan. She was vaporized.  If one is exposed to  certain amount of radiation, certain death. Remember, today’s weapons are much more powerful. Bomb shelters and “Run duck and cover are useless.”

I have laid out a brief history of my experiences with the topic of nuclear war.  What has happened currently that brings back the specter of nuclear war?

Putin, dictator of Russia  wants to bring back Imperial Russia. He wants to annex the Ukraine, which was a part of Imperial Russia, It has become an Independent nation and no longer part of the Soviet Union.  A war has ensued.  Putin held dishonest referendums where four occupied Ukrainian regions voted to be annexed by Russia.

They are not under complete control by Russia. The Ukrainians are in the process of recapturing these regions.  We support the Ukrainians. We have trained them to defend themselves in recent years.  We therefore are pitted against Russia. We are both “armed to the teeth.”

Putin believes the Ukraine is part of Russia. Vladimir Putin has threatened nuclear weapons if his territorial integrity is threatened.

What can we do?  

First, we can continue to support the Ukrainians without joining the fight ourselves.  

Second, we must get the most competent negotiators from all parties concerned and perhaps the United Nations.  We need to facilitate disseminating information to the Russian people.

Thousands are against this war and fleeing to nearby countries to avoid the war. Many are Internet savvy and know the truth about this war.  Young Russians are coming home in body bags.

 The Ukrainians are pushing them back.  We must discourage China from joining Russia.  I, for one, can buy products from other countries instead of China to help make it a bad idea to join Russia.  The United States must make our strength absolutely clear.  We must again rely on Mutually Assured Destruction to prevent a war. The fate of our world is at stake.

Last, and in my opinion most importantly, we need to pray to God to guide us to peace so our posterity can enjoy the benefits of our great nation as we have. Amen

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  1. The first thing you suggest- continue supporting Ukraine without joining the fight ourselves- is impossible. There are only two real ways we can “support” Ukraine. We send money, or troops and weapons. If it be financial support the question becomes should hardworking Americans have to shoulder the load for Ukraine? It’s that simple. American workers see even less of the fruits of their labor now with effects of almost three years of the covid pandemonium and rising inflation causing just about everything to increase in cost. The amount of money that’s currently been given to president sweatsuit is not only staggering, but largely unaccountable. There are towns and cities in this country without drinking water, our southern boarder sees thousands cross illegally daily, and one of the largest states in the country is reeling from a recent hurricane. With so many American issues requiring immediate attention, we are simply not in a position to support Ukraine financially. So,how about military support? Of course that will cause the aforementioned problems to increase exponentially, but it also poses a second question- who’s children, spouses, relatives, friends, etc. should have to wage that war? How shall the dead be eulogized? They died defending democracy? Ukraine isn’t a democracy but a corrupt oligarchy that’s most likely a financial playground for global elitists. Removing the Russian dictator does far more for these people than it ever would do for the American citizenry. In lieu of negotiations, US senators and representatives flew to Ukraine and pledged our money and blood to a country that has rejected talks and then demands even more from us. Turn off the support and see if Ukraine will be interested in peace. I’d bet they will.

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