TheBayNet Letter to the Editor
TheBayNet Letter to the Editor

LEONARDTOWN, Md. — The following letter comes to us from Joe DeVitis of Leonardtown, Maryland.

Bill Bates is the most qualified candidate to represent District 29C in the Maryland State House of Delegates. He is among the most decent, honest and trustworthy people we could ever find to do what is best for our communities in St. Mary’s and Calvert counties. Over the past months, Bill has worn out several pairs of shoes going door-knocking, listening to our concerns.

Bill is a veteran of 31 years in the Maryland Army National Guard. He is also a retired Maryland Natural Resources police offer with 35 years of service, as well as a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOB). He is a past president with that organization, which is endorsing him for election. Unlike his opponent, Bill has solid credentials and experience in public safety and law enforcement. He has testified on those issues before the State Legislature on numerous occasions.

Bill is a strong supporter of infrastructure, small business, education and the environment. Each is vital to the life of our communities, especially in these tough times. He is deeply honored to have the endorsements of the Education Association of St. Mary’s County, the Maryland State Education Association and the Sierra Club. Bill will fight for those causes because he understands that America’s youth are our most precious gift for the future.

Unlike his opponent, who seems content to have the Thomas Johnson Bridge in what the State terms as “functional,” Bill knows first-hand that it is in severely deteriorating condition–one that has not been attended to in many decades. He will fight to rectify that situation–and not just stand by and give up.

Unlike his opponent, who states he is running because he is term-limited in his present office, Bill wants to be your Delegate in District 29C out of a deep commitment to public service.

For all the reasons above, I urge you to send Bill Bates to Annapolis. He will serve us well.

Joe DeVitis

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