TheBayNet Letter to the Editor
TheBayNet Letter to the Editor

ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. — The following letter to the editor was submitted by Michael Glaser, a Professor Emeritus of English at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Dear Editor,

I write because I care deeply about St. Mary’s County where I have spent 50 years of my life serving and hopefully nurturing. 

And I have watched, in a few short years, how Brian Crosby has proven himself to be an effective representative who helps articulate our hopes and dreams and who works—across the aisle—to help create a more attentive and inclusive government.

Deb Rey is running again as the candidate who is for unspecified and vague generalities and against such things as a woman’s right to choose, against banning military style assault weapons, and generally against programs that serve the less fortunate among us.

Unlike Deb Rey’s past record, Brian Crosby brings understanding, professionalism  and compassion to the office.    

Please don’t be fooled.  

Study their records and positions.  

If you do, I think you will agree that Brian Crosby is the kind of thoughtful, consensus building person who best serves St. Mary’s County.

Michael S. Glaser

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  1. Mr. Glaser needs to do better research into the content of the bills which Crosby has voted for. I have and am horrified. Crosby is no friend of the people he represents.

  2. Delegate Brian Crosby voted NO to an amendment offered last year in the House of Delegates that required a health care practitioner to provide care to a child who is born alive after an abortion is attempted.

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