todd morgan
todd morgan

To the Editor: 

I write to express my strongest possible endorsement for Todd Morgan for Maryland House of Delegates District 29-C.  I have known Todd for 40 years and worked closely with him for 25 years. 

Todd provides all the three key ingredients required of a successful representative of St. Mary’s County and Southern Maryland in Annapolis. 

First, Todd is intimately familiar with all the diverse aspects of our county and how state Government can most effectively support our citizens. 

Second, he possesses a deep knowledge of the Patuxent River Navy Base and knows exactly how our state Government should work to support these world class facilities.

Lastly, the importance of Todd’s 12 years of experience as St. Mary’s County Commissioner cannot be overstated.

This experience will enable Todd to work effectively in the context of the Maryland House of Delegates with all the give and take required to advocate for Southern Maryland and to form effective legislation for State of Maryland.

Todd’s effectiveness as county commissioner and his fierce advocacy for the county’s citizens is attested by the fact that he was unopposed in his last two elections. 

We are fortunate to have someone with Todd’s unique background and should express our thanks by sending him to Annapolis. 

John McAllister 

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  1. He was part of the crew that raised taxes on all of us in St. Mary’s County— so vote Blue for real change around here.

    1. Oh yeah, that’ll bring down taxes! If it’s one thing democrats hate is taxes! SMH!!

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