Prince Frederick, MD – If you often watch Jeopardy! you know there is a category that frequently pops up called “Potpourri” (sometimes they call it “Hodge Podge”). It would appear to be one of those categories for which the researchers couldn’t find enough material about for a separate category. And so as I sit staring at a computer screen trying to think of a topic to write about this week, I have decided to offer a sampling of my unformed—perhaps uninformed, too—opinions on various issues people are talking about.

Regarding the Tiki Bar opening last week – There was nothing the bar’s management could do about the weather. However, they did a splendid job keeping the crowd entertained with bands, pageantry and a laser show. The cover charge was done for practical reasons—everything, including labor, entertainment and security costs more. Law enforcement did a commendable job of keeping things under control, at the bar and on the roads. The designated driver promotion is a great example for all event promoters. True, there are still some critics who lament that the hype for the event and economic boost it gives for the region is the product of an “alcohol event.” Please bear in mind, however, that America’s temperance controversy was settled almost 100 years ago. Drink up!

The library/sexual education controversy – To put it simply, no child is required to attend, no parent is obligated to allow their child to attend, some very good parents are supportive, the mere presentation of a different perspective is not “brain-washing” and the library is there to serve everybody—including secular humanists.

The Earth Day March for Science – Attendees of the Washington event—there were similar events held all around the world—are to be commended for marching in the rain. We can argue back and forth about who’s right and who’s wrong about climate change and whether President Trump’s agenda is hostile to scientists and environmentalists. The breakthrough is that scientists are cognizant that there are skeptics and some of them have the keys to the government funding lock-box. They acknowledged that with their feet this past weekend. In my opinion, every day we walk on this planet is Earth Day and every night we darken our room—whether the light comes from a candle or electricity provided by a power plant—we should ask ourselves “what have I done today and what can I do tomorrow to make Earth a better place?”

Will the Capitals finally win the Stanley Cup? – If Ovechkin doesn’t get more playing time against Pittsburgh than he did against Toronto, it’s probably not going to happen. Nevertheless, GO CAPS!!

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