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COLTONS POINT, Md. – Since 2019, Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford, has visited all 75 state parks in Maryland. “Rutherford’s Travels” came to an end on Friday, October 21, as he made his final stop on St. Clements Island.

“The idea first came about after I read a story about then Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe,” Rutherford told “He said that he was going to visit every Virginia state park during his term, and I thought that was a good idea. I think I was already planning to hit a couple of state parks, and I just thought about it, and then after I had visited maybe three parks, I said well, we’re going to do it, we’re gonna visit all 75 state parks.”

Rutherford’s main goal with this journey was to bring attention to the state parks that Maryland has to offer, and the diversity of natural resources that each has. 

The history behind some of the parks, particularly St. Clement’s Island also really intrigued Rutherford.

“It was very impressive. It’s a beautiful island, a wonderful time in terms of the time of the year,” Rutherford stated. “But also just the historic aspect, and the volunteer organization, they do a lot of work with our state departments to maintain the island, make it accessible to people, they did a lot of work to restore the lighthouse there, and when you start thinking about the folks who came over on the Arch and the Dove…and what we see now, started there.”

During this time, Rutherford has been writing a journal to track his experiences and thoughts while visiting each park. Once completed, he plans on releasing it to the public for everyone to read.

Rutherford’s next step is to walk the Appalachian Trail at some point, but only the Maryland segment. He also still plans to visit new parks and even re-visit some of the state parks.

When asked which state park was his favorite out of all of them, Rutherford said he couldn’t just pick one.

“I can’t say that I have a favorite, but there’s many of them that stand out… I love all of my children, right,” Rutherford said.

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