Photo credit to Jason Baxtrom
Photo credit: Jason Baxtrom

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – Jason Baxtrom, a multifaceted artist and tattooist at Blue Scarab Tattoos in Waldorf, has emerged as a prominent figure in the local community, leaving a lasting impact through his artistic endeavors and archery advocacy. From captivating wall murals to empowering homeschooled children through archery, Baxtrom’s passion and dedication have gained local admiration.

A Facebook post referral led Baxtrom to the opportunity of creating a striking mural at Bayside Pre-Owned Super Center in Hollywood. Collaborating with project coordinator Ray Hayes, they decided to infuse the essence of Southern Maryland into the artwork, featuring the iconic flag and blue crab and incorporating the Solomons Island Bridge.

Photo credit: Jason Baxtrom

“The inspiration for the artwork was the owner’s vision. I take direction on what they would like and do my best to make it happen. I am extremely grateful to be even considered for the job, let alone picked to do it,” Baxtrom humbly expressed.

Working alongside his apprentice Zoey Duke, Baxtrom poured his heart into the mural, praising Duke’s dedication, stating, “I couldn’t be more proud of the dedication she showed through the whole process.”

The mural, which has already received praise from the community, is set to expand in the future, serving as a beacon of inspiration for years to come.

However, Baxtrom’s impact extends far beyond the realm of artistry. As a homeschooling parent, he recognized the challenges of exclusion from public school activities and took it upon himself to create opportunities for homeschooled children.

Photo credit: Jason Baxtrom

Baxtrom’s journey into archery began in his backyard, where he taught his son the sport. Then, the idea of homeschooled archery classes took root. With the support of 3 J’s Archery in Mechanicsville and retired Maryland director for the National Archery In The Schools Program (NASP), Lou Compton, Jason became a NASP instructor for homeschooled students.

Undeterred by obstacles, Jason’s determination and the overwhelming support of his tattoo clients, friends, family, and the Blue Scarab Tattoos team propelled him forward in creating ​​BigDog Archery.

Baxtrom expressed his gratitude, saying, “No way I could have done this without so many people… My friends and family who believed in this and helped in any way they could. My job at Blue Scarab Tattoos and second family Zoey Duke, Bobby Sylvestre, Jeffry Jones, and Michael Connor of Any Given Sin; you should definitely give their band a listen.” 

Photo credit: Jason Baxtrom

With this support, a successful fundraiser brought him closer to acquiring the necessary archery equipment, but an extraordinary turn of events occurred. Saint Louis School in Clarksville, Maryland, no longer offering archery, decided to donate their equipment. Grateful for this unexpected blessing, Baxtrom gave back, donating the funds he raised to Saint Louis School.

“Every dollar raised was donated to the charity they run (Saint Louis School) to help people with their heating bills through the winter and purchase new basketballs and soccer balls for their school,” Baxtrom said. 

“The blessing that school gave me will never be forgotten. After replacing strings and upkeep of the equipment a little, it was basically brand new,”  continued Baxtrom. 

Photo credit: Jason Baxtrom

Baxtrom had challenges securing venues for the classes, so he reached out to the homeschooling community, eventually finding support from St. Mary’s Parks and Recreation, who provided Braxtrom access to hold classes at their Park Hall location.

In addition, Baxtrom teamed with 3 J’s Archery and Tessie Forman, USA Archery instructor, with plans to expand the program, nurturing the interest and growth of archery among children and families.

“The plans for the future is to have more family events, Mother’s and Father’s Day shoots, safety is always number 1, and archery is an extremely safe sport in a controlled environment,” Baxtrom emphasized. 

Photo credit: Jason Baxtrom

Jason’s unwavering dedication and the joy he witnesses in the children’s faces during archery classes serve as a testament to his profound impact.

“I just like shooting arrows, the biggest blessing was my son was right there with me. He got to see what it takes to have a dream and go for it. Even if it starts out as a small dream, you never know how big it could get. He saw me get told no 100 times, but I kept telling him I just need one yes. And I got it,” concluded Baxtrom. 

From leaving a visual legacy on walls to empowering children through archery, Baxtrom’s story shows off the power of passion, determination, and community support.

To get involved with archery classes, visit BirdDog Archery and SOAR/Private Archery Lessons in SOMD on Facebook. 

To check out Baxtrom’s array of art, including custom wood burning, and airbrushing, visit his Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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