Local attorney, Philip H. Dorsey III, won a case against The State Farm Insurance Company, for his client receiving a verdict of $365,000, in a three day jury trial that ended April 23.

Dorsey, who has been practicing personal injury law for over 30 years, was pleased with the outcome.

“It was very satisfying,” he said. “It was a classic case of the little guy defeating corporate America at its best.”

According to Dorsey, State Farm offered to pay Dorsey’s client $20,000 before the case was filed and waited two years, until the case was set for trial, to increase their offer to $42,000.

Dorsey rejected the offer of 42k and presented the case to Judge David Densford and a jury in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court April 21.
The injury to Dorsey’s client was a broken sternum with continued pain. The impact was so great that it caused a cardiac contusion to the heart of the victim

After the case was presented, State Farm increased their offer to $92,000. Dorsey consulted with his client and, after reviewing the facts, decided to let the jury panel decide his client’s fate.

The local lawyer told the jury that his client had been paying premiums for over 60 years and it was time that the insurance company kept their promise to pay.

Dorsey also said to the jury that they were the first line of defense to ensure “public safety” and it was up to them “to send a message that we will protect our citizens”

The jury ultimately awarded Dorsey’s client a total of $365,000.

“It felt good to be able to deliver the goods,” Dorsey said. “The jury is the conscience of the community and they made the right decision.”

Dorsey has practiced personal injury law in St. Mary’s County for more than 30 years and can be contacted at 301-475-5000 if any people feel they might have a similar situation.