SOMD – The Boards of Directors for United Way of Calvert County, United Way of Charles County, and United Way of St. Mary’s County, have announced that effective September 1, 2021, they will be joining forces and blazing new trails as United Way of Southern Maryland.

Given the abundant need that recent history has shown, the leadership of these three organizations realized the tremendous opportunity that a UNITED organization could bring to families in Southern Maryland. From the profound financial support that United Way of Calvert County has provided Partners, to the groundbreaking Community Connections program created by United Way of Charles County, to the hundreds of children who have been served Snack-Saks by United Way of St. Mary’s County – these three organizations are on the cutting edge of human services.

This UNITED organization presents an opportunity to expand on the successes of each individual organization while reducing operating expenses and ensuring our donors’ investments meet the most critical and systemic needs. The decision to integrate these three unique yet similar organizations did not come lightly or swiftly. A merger committee consisting of representatives from the three charities has been meeting regularly for over a year to explore the potential for integration and perform due diligence. All three United Ways agree that the timing and organizational positioning is ideal for integration.

The Board of Directors will consist of an equal representation from the three counties to ensure equal voices are heard throughout the region. The Board has been formed and is working diligently to approve bylaws, policies, and other foundational documents. The Board has also begun a nationwide search for the Chief Executive Officer for the integrated organization. Work to fully unify the three entities has started and will remain ongoing.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces in service to the common good,” said Susie Fowler, Chairperson for United Way of St. Mary’s County and United Way of Southern Maryland Board Member. “We see this as an opportunity to serve more families through our combined forces” agreed Joshua Cockerham Chairperson for United Way of Charles County and UWSOMD Board Member. “This has been a long and thoughtful process. We greatly appreciate the community’s partnership as we navigate this integration” remarked Shelby Potts, Chairperson for United Way of Calvert County and UWSOMD Board Member.

The new mission statement of this combined organization is: “To impact lives in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.”

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