The shed will be placed inside this fence near the back of the Humane Society.

The Humane Society of Charles County takes in homeless animals, boards pets, holds discounted clinics and more. One of the biggest problems they are currently facing is their lack of capacity.

“We’re just tapped out for space,” said Humane Society of Charles County Assistant Executive Director Anna Barba.

The Humane Society operates out of a building on Industrial Park Drive in Waldorf. In addition to their building they are currently utilizing at least six sheds and one garage to store supplies and other necessary materials for the non-profit.

Barba was contacted by Megan Timmens from Southern Maryland Gives at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) and was offered a featured spot on the fundraising website.

The project that the Humane Society is currently raising money for is another shed that will be placed outside of the clinic door.

This shed will have the main purpose of providing a space for a dog behaviorist/trainer to work.

The behaviorist assesses the animals pre-adoption to find the temperament and behavior and also makes herself available for one-on-one appointments with people post-adoption for any counseling or behavior training that may be necessary.

“She doesn’t have any dedicated space to work out of,” said Barba. “She literally sits in the back of her car with the van door open and (works in the parking lot.)”

Barba said that they have raised about 1600 of their 5000-dollar goal and have been involved with Southern Maryland Gives since April 2015.

“I think (its made a difference),” said Barba. “I know what goes into raising that sort of money and I think their reach has helped us enormously.”

Though this is their most prominent need at this time Barba said that the Humane Society is always looking for donations and volunteers.

A list of needed items for donations as well as operating hours and more information can be found here.

The shed will be modeled similarly after this shed that is currently used for storage.