Waldorf, MD—The damage inflicted in Texas by Hurricane Harvey is devastating. With families being flooded out of their homes and buildings destroyed, this natural disaster is nothing short of catastrophic. The private weather firm AccuWeather announced earlier this week that the estimated cost of damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey is around $190 billion already, making it the costliest hurricane to date. Many of us are immersed in video clips and images circulating around various news sources and social media, but no one can truly understand the harrowing events without experiencing it all firsthand. Numerous groups are graciously donating to the cause, and now the Humane Society of Charles County (HSCC) is stepping in by rescuing real hurricane survivors—the cats and dogs of Texas that need homes.

The first group of cats and dogs will be arriving to HSCC by plane on Saturday Sept. 2. All of the animals currently scheduled to arrive at HSCC were at local animal shelters in Texas, so none of them are lost pets displaced during the damage. But just like other businesses and homes, many of the shelters in Hurricane Harvey’s path were flooded, as can be seen in the photograph courtesy of Kevin Miller, president of Tall Tails Animal Rescue in Texas. These animals that were looking for their forever homes are now just looking for shelter. HSCC is one of the few rescues in our area that has the capacity to accept cats and pitbulls, although they are expecting pets of all breeds and sizes. Before being listed for adoption, all animals will have behavioral evaluations, will be spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and fully vaccinated. Many of these dogs and cats may already be fully vetted since they are coming from established shelters, so some may be available for adoption that same day. 

The HSCC needs as much help from the public in this endeavor that can be given. They need dog and cat food of any kind (but they ask to choose brands with no red food coloring), blankets, towels, toys, monetary donations, foster homes, and of course those willing to adopt these pets and give them long-lasting, loving homes. Adoption applications can be completed online or in the shelter, donations can be mailed in or submitted online on their website, and those desiring to foster can contact the shelter directly for more information. Hurricane Harvey is undoubtedly a tragedy, but that doesn’t mean we cannot turn the lives of these animals around. Be a voice for the voiceless, and help those that cannot help themselves.

Below is a Facebook post by Kevin Miller, displaying heart-wrenching photographs from just one shelter in Texas.