“Achieve with us.”  That tagline is a phrase which serves as a call to action for The Arc’s employees, its community members, and the people they support.  As a non-profit organization supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Arc has come to realize the true impact of people coming together to “achieve” their mission, creating opportunities for independence and personal success for these individuals.  Recently, a parent by the name of Sam Brown has come to truly embody that call to action.

Sam’s son began receiving services through The Arc in 1996.  He lives in one of The Arc’s residential locations, along with some roommates.  Last year, renovations were needed on the home, which was built well over twenty years ago.  When Sam Brown learned about the renovations needed, he didn’t hesitate to offer a generous donation to assist in making them happen.  During the course of the project, additional repair needs became apparent and for a second time, Sam stepped in and donated what he could to help.  His contributions will help to make the site more accessible for people with limited mobility while also improving a bathroom, the sewage system, and an old deck area.   

When asked what motivates him to give and be so involved with The Arc, Sam said he feels there is a “real need in the community for children that grow into young adults to have a secure place to live” and he’d “like to help the organization continue to grow.”  He also says he is motivated to give in memory of his late wife, Vicki Brown.  Vicki utilized a wheelchair for over 20 years, and that never stopped her from being involved – whether in the community or with their son, Ben.  She believed that no matter the challenges, everyone had an ability to contribute. 

Sam’s selflessness has not gone unnoticed.  Recently, The Arc’s Board recognized him for his generosity and presented him with a plaque which will hang in the renovated residence to memorialize Sam’s contribution.  The Arc’s residential program provides a safe and secure environment, a place to call home for people with various intellectual and developmental disabilities.  With a waiting list that continues to grow, the program fills a real need within the community and contributions such as Sam’s expand the program’s limited resources, allowing the program to continue to grow and improve.  The organization hopes Sam’s generosity will inspire others to find their own way to “achieve” and make a difference for people with different abilities throughout their own communities.