David Leon Thomas

Leonardtown, MD— David Leon Thomas, 37, of Calvert County, was convicted by a jury following a four-day trial in connection with the attempted sexual assault and attempted first-degree murder of a Calvert school teacher at her home in Saint Mary’s County.

The jury concluded that Thomas, a registered sexual offender illegally living in Saint Mary’s County, went to the victim’s home near where he lived on November 21, 2014 under the pretense of needing to use her telephone. Once inside, Thomas attempted to use a handgun to force the victim to remove her clothes.  When she resisted, Thomas strangled her until she was unconscious and he presumed she was deceased.

The evidence at trial demonstrated that Thomas then took the coffee cup he had been drinking from and the victim’s mobile phone he had been using and discarded them in the woods during his escape.  Detectives and Crime Lab Technicians found and recovered the items, and were able to retrieve Thomas’ DNA from the coffee cup.
Thomas was convicted of all eight counts presented to the jury, including attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, attempted first-degree rape, first-degree assault, and numerous gun charges.  Thomas was previously convicted in 2006 of sexual assault against a child in Charles County.

The charge of attempted first-degree murder carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, as does attempted first-degree rape.  The gun charges carry an additional maximum sentence of 35 years, five of which is a mandatory minimum sentence that must be served consecutive to any other sentence imposed in the case. 

Sentence will be imposed by the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s County after a pre-sentence investigation ordered by the court, based upon sentencing guidelines and other statutory authority.

Sentencing for Thomas has not yet been scheduled.

States Attorney Richard D. Fritz would like to thank the prosecutors on the case, Senior Assistant States Attorney Daniel White and Assistant State’s Attorney Julie White, as well as the Saint Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department who investigated this case.