A Waldorf man who immigrated to the United States from El Salvador was sentenced to 23 years in prison for raping his former girlfriend earlier this year. The sentence was imposed  by Charles County Circuit Court Judge Amy J. Bragunier Tuesday, Sept. 23.

Douglas Rodrico Pineda, 23 of Waldorf, plead guilty to one count of First-Degree Rape and another count of carrying a deadly weapon and was facing 70 years of incarceration for the rape charge alone.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Freeman told the court that on March 6, 2014, the victim, a 19-year-old woman from El Salvador and an ex-girlfriend of the defendant, was on her way to work when she was grabbed by Pineda.

“She felt a sharp object pressed to her back, reported to be a knife,” Freeman said.

“The victim has known the defendant for the past 10 years. He then used physical force to detain her inside his mother’s vehicle, grabbing her, punching her to keep her in the vehicle. He used physical force, took her to the bedroom of his mother’s house and forced his way onto her, removed her clothes and forced her to have sexual intercourse against her will.”

After the attack the victim was able to flee and call police. She was taken to the hospital for examination, where Maryland State Police responded. They obtained a search warrant at the defendant’s mother’s address, where they found multiple pocket knives inside the bedroom. Police also viewed a video from Waldorf Liquors showing the defendant lying in wait for the victim, then rushing out and grabbing her by the arm.

Freeman said the court was seeking 75 years of incarceration.

Pineda’s attorney Thomas C. Mooney, told Bragunier that his client had no prior criminal record. The judge told Pineda through an interpreter that he would have to register with the Sex Offender Registry upon his release, then sentenced him to 70 years with all but 20 years suspended with three additional years for the carrying a deadly weapon charge.

Bragunier also told Pineda that if he is found to be an illegal immigrant he will be deported to El Salvador upon his release.

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