The Department of Natural Resources’ Clean Marina Program is working with marinas and boatyards in Maryland to help recycle shrink wrap. In cooperation with DNR and the Marine Trades Association of Maryland, Mondo Polymer, Inc. is collecting shrink wrap from participating locations at no cost. The company then uses the material to manufacture rigid plastic highway barriers. Mondo Polymer works with Clean Marina programs in several other states to recover and recycle shrink wrap. In 2008, they recycled over 180,000 pounds of used shrink wrap from marinas in Maryland.

“Shrink wrap is used to cover thousands of boats each winter,” said Donna Morrow, Administrator, DNR Boating Services. “However, once removed from the boats in spring, it becomes waste and consumes valuable space in landfills.”

Several dozen marinas and boatyards have already signed up to participate in the collection, which is expected to run from mid-April until mid-June. Additional pick-up sites will be added until March 31 or until no more sites can be accommodated.

Marinas or boatyards interested in participating should contact Donna Morrow at or (410) 260-8773 by March 31 for information and guidelines.