ELKRIDGE, Md. – National Hospital Week is May 8-14. During this event, Marylanders can show their appreciation for the hospital heroes who care for the state’s communities 24/7/365.

Our hospitals continuously innovate to meet the needs of their patients and to keep everyone healthy. This has been powerfully on display over the past two years as hospitals and their 120,000 employees saved lives in the fight against COVID-19.

“Every community in Maryland has hospital workers who delivered care day and night during the pandemic,” says Bob Atlas, President & CEO of the Maryland Hospital Association. “During this Hospital Week, we will celebrate them and show our appreciation for these dedicated workers, who so diligently care for and protect Marylanders.”

This year, to celebrate Maryland’s hospital heroes, Royal Farms donated hundreds of coupons for a free coffee to employees at each hospital and health system.

“This is just a small gift to thank Maryland’s hospital workforce for their commitment to caring year-round,” says Breahna Brown, Public Relations Manager for Royal Farms. “Every hospital employee is a hero and should be proud of all they do for everyone each and every day.”

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