ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The already high cost of gas in Maryland has been giving many motorists a headache for the past several months, and anxieties are starting to rise even higher with an imminent gas tax increase set for July 1 of this year.

With the summer vacation period nearly in full swing, Marylanders could be expecting to pay six to seven more cents per gallon, the fourth highest gas tax of any state, if lawmakers do nothing to solve the problem.

It is for this reason that Governor Larry Hogan[R] is calling on Comptroller Peter Franchot[D] to find a way to deal with the problem by mitigating the impact that the tax will inevitably have.

In his letter to Franchot, Hogan said, “This tax increase, while hardship-inducing for Marylanders at any time, is simply unconscionable at this moment when gas prices are already at their highest level in recorded history amid a period of prolonged inflation and economic uncertainty. I know that you agree we should do more to give Marylanders a break from these punishing prices. That is why it is my hope that you will use every legal and regulatory power at your disposal to halt or minimize the impact of the accelerating gas taxes…”

According to Franchot, this tax increase is linked to a bad piece of legislation that was passed in 2013.

This law, the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013, ties all state motor fuel tax rates to the national rate of inflation.

In response to Hogan’s request, Franchot has called to convene a special session in the state legislature to bring back the gas tax holiday for 90 days, instead of the previous 30-day hiatus.

“The more consumers spend on gas, the less disposable income they have for basic necessities like food, medicine and housing. Families are altering or canceling vacation plans, which severely affects the state’s economy,” Franchot said in a press release.

As of right now, lawmakers and Hogan have yet to answer any call for a special legislative session, leaving many uncertain whether the relief will come before the July 1 deadline.

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  2. If our federal administration refuses to help the american people, then the states should be able to make decisions for its consitutents – Waive/Ignore the “Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013.”

  3. There’s a simple solution:
    Bring domestic terrorism charges against Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Schiff & Nadler, jail them, recount the 2020 votes, put Trump back in office, open the Keystone pipeline and all drilling sites again. See? Easy peasy!

    1. Dumb dog would highly disagree, because he loves Biden and he doesn’t have to pay for gas, his mommy pays for his gas in her minivan

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