ANNAPOLIS, Md. – At a press conference on April 10, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan [R], announced that the recently postponed June 2 primary election, will be conducted primarily through mail-in ballots.

“After considerable deliberation, the [State Board of Elections] voted to conduct the June 2nd primary, primarily through mail-in ballots,” Hogan said. “The Board of Elections also made the determination to make special accommodations with special polling locations available for voters who are unable to vote by mail. Today, I have executed a proclamation ratifying those decisions.”

Hogan acknowledged that this process is taking place to ensure the safety of Maryland residents, though there has been some national criticism of mail-in election process.

“Free and fair elections are the very foundation of American democracy and our ultimate goal must be to do everything possible to ensure that the voice of every Marylander is heard, in a safe and secure manner,” Hogan said. “[We] are strongly urging any Marylander who can vote by mail, to cast their ballot by mail. We understand that there are a small number of exceptions including individuals without a fixed address and voters with special needs.”

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