Maryland To Adopt Advanced Clean Cars II Rule To Combat The Effects Of Climate Change
Governor Wes Moore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Governor Wes Moore today announced Maryland’s adoption of the multi-state Advanced Clean Cars II rule, a major step in the state’s acceleration to improve air quality and combat the effects of climate change. Maryland is moving quickly to adopt the regulation, which requires manufacturers to continuously increase the share of electric vehicles they sell, reaching 100% of passenger car and light truck sales by model year 2035. 

“Today, we’re talking about a major transformation that is going to define this administration—and that’s how we turn Maryland from a state powered by oil and gas to a state powered by clean energy,” said Governor Moore. “I am confident that the state of Maryland can and will lead the clean energy revolution.”

The Advanced Clean Cars II rule is a vehicle emissions standard first adopted by California using its unique authority under the federal Clean Air Act. Now that California has adopted the standards, other states can follow suit.

Maryland To Adopt Advanced Clean Cars II Rule To Combat The Effects Of Climate Change

Maryland has the most ambitious climate goals of any state in the nation and is recognized as a national leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while growing our state economy. The Advanced Clean Cars II rule, coupled with strong federal and state incentives, will be one of the state’s most important emissions reduction measures.

According to a Maryland Department of the Environment analysis, 383,000 fewer new gas-powered vehicles would be sold under the new rule by 2030, rising to 1.68 million fewer conventional vehicles by 2035. Between 2026 and 2040, the rule will deliver additional vehicular reductions of more than 6,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, as well as reduction of vehicular and power plant carbon dioxide emission by more than 82 million metric tonnes. By 2040, these reductions may potentially provide net in-state health benefits equal to about $39.9 million per year due to decreases in respiratory and cardiovascular illness and associated lost work days.

“The Advanced Clean Cars II regulation is a big step toward cleaner air and a more aggressive response to the threats posed by climate change,” said Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Serena McIlwain. “This rule will help position us to meet the goals of our Climate Solutions Now Act and 2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan while bringing economic benefits to Marylanders.”

According to Baltimore Gas and Electric, electric vehicles cost roughly one fourth as much to drive as gasoline cars in Maryland. Electric vehicles also generally have lower maintenance costs, and there are state and federal tax incentives for their purchase. In an effort to help make electric vehicles available to all Marylanders, the rule also features flexibility that encourages manufacturers to provide electric vehicles in overburdened and underserved communities, including community-based ridesharing or car sharing programs.

“As a business at the forefront of mobility solutions, we know that technology and market demand are both ready to support the transition to clean vehicles,” said Siemens Head of External Affairs and Policy, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Ryan Dalton. “Strong state standards that reflect the escalating consumer demand and set clear expectations for market growth over the coming years are key to managing the transition. We support the adoption of the Advanced Clean Cars II rule in Maryland because it is the best way to attract investment and provide predictability for manufacturers, companies, workforces, and consumers alike.”

To adopt the rule as quickly as possible, the Maryland Department of the Environment presented the proposed regulation to the state’s Air Quality Control Advisory Council at its first meeting of the year this morning. The council voted to recommend that the department move forward in proposing a regulation to enact the new standards. MDE will follow the process for a proposed regulation,which includes a public hearing and opportunity for public comment, to allow for a regulation to take effect in September. 

Maryland To Adopt Advanced Clean Cars II Rule To Combat The Effects Of Climate Change

“By acting so immediately to advance zero-emission vehicles and reduce harmful emissions, Governor Moore and Secretary McIlwain are backing up their pledge to position Maryland as a national leader in fighting climate change and its contribution to environmental injustices,” said Executive Director of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters Kim Coble. “The Advanced Clean Cars II Rule is a proven policy for reducing greenhouse gasses from transportation and will jumpstart Maryland’s implementation of the landmark Climate Solutions Now Act.”

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  1. No thank you, I’ll keep my 92 f150 forever, I’m not spending more then $15000 for any vehicle, new vehicles are way overpriced

    1. Keeping your old car/truck running, and running properly, is the greenest thing you can do. I’m keeping my gasoline engine car as long as I can…

  2. While I appreciate that the air immediately surrounding electric vehicles is cleaner than that around gas-powered ones, switching to electric vehicles does not switch us to “clean energy” as long as we’re still getting most of our electricity from coal burning plants.

    1. True. Hybrids have been said to be the cleanest vehicles, for now. Mostly because the large batteries in pure electric vehicles are not ‘green’ to make. Smaller batteries (hybrids, plug in hybrids) make the vehicles very efficient and are not difficult to make.

    2. Not to mention all the oil used in gathering (mining) the materials needed to make the batteries or all the oil needed to transport those materials to the various countries that put those materials together. What about clean ways of recycling these batteries when they die? We all have cellphones and the batteries become junk after a few years, batteries break down. The delusion that electric vehicles are the overall solution to climate issues is just ill-founded and not well researched.

  3. Who didn’t see this coming? We have idiots in Annapolis. Where is the power going to come from and will it be sufficient. How far will an electric car take you and how long will it take to recharge same vehicle

    1. When you allow people that didn’t graduate, who also live in three specific counties, decide how a state is going to do things, this is what you get.

  4. Wow, how dumb. Yeah, electric cars cheaper to run than Gas cars. Really??? Uhhhh, they must have forgotten how EXPENsIVE they are to buy. And no way electric plug ins everywhere everyone needs them. Gonna be MAD MAX days of gathering gas for all of us forgotten gas vehicle people…

  5. These socialist idiots don’t really know or care what green is. They care about some shady elitists lining their pockets. End lobbying and you will see a lot of the socialist crap die off.

  6. This move will help reduce vehicle emissions and bring us closer to achieving our ambitious climate targets. Kudos to Governor Moore for taking this important action!

    1. Hey Sid, have you ran out and bought an electric vehicle?Put
      solar panels on your house? Be sure to throw out your gas stove, and prep to buy those new washers and dryers that Biden says we have to get. Oh, and if your job goes away because it’s somehow related to carbon based energy sources, well, you can take pride in having done your part…

  7. Batteries that are from China. How are all these electrical vehicles going to run when we end up in a confrontation with China? The States that did this electrical vehicle crap are already running out of power and can’t keep it on. We don’t have the infrastructure for this non-sense. Crazy, but that’s what happens when you vote Dems in.

    1. Not to mention the children in mines digging cobalt for the batteries at basically slave standards working for Chinese owners building the lithium batteries. But not in my back yard! Even Toyota says it can’t happen that fast. Hey Wes, get these kids in YOUR state graduating from high that can read and write. That way maybe they can afford a hybrid one day.

  8. wow….. this is not good. i suggest someone work on making solar better. so we can charge the new cars easier and more efficiently. electric is unstable and just in case some dont know. look up how electricity is made.

  9. Thank God you people weren’t around in 1776, 1860-1865, The Depression, WWII…you bunch of whining pathetic excuses for Americans. If you all had been around during any of those times the USA would not exist. Good lord why don’t the lot of you just pick up and leave? You all hate it here…can’t stand anything…have no capacity to think beyond what you are told by propaganda outlets. You won’t actually lift a finger to do anything except sit behind your keyboards and whine.

  10. + how many parking tickets have you had? I don’t know. Less than 5, less than 10? less than 5, what difference does it make? We have to ask you that, its a factor. You mean you use my parking tickets, which couldn’t possibly cause an accident, to decide if my rates are going to go up. Theres the potential for that, I can’t rule it out. I didn’t know you all had the gall to do that. hmmm. Please hold while I get your quote ready, or would you prefer i call back. Please don’t put it past auto insurance to charge you more based upon your parking tickets.

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