Annapolis, MD — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says the changing seasons make it a perfect time to go crabbing.

Not only is it  a wonderful time of the year to still enjoy the outdoor activities Maryland’s warm weather affords, and is perhaps the best time of the year to enjoy large and heavy crabs as they fatten up for a winter’s rest.

Windy, cool weather on Wednesday and Thursday helped mix more oxygen into the deeper waters of the Chesapeake Bay, expanding areas for fish.

This weekend, conditions will stabilize with warm, calm days and cool nights. The recent absence of rain has helped bring Bay salinities much closer to normal, allowing some of the more salt-loving fish to push further north.

In general, Bay gamefish will still hold at similar locations but improved oxygen conditions will allow them to move deeper to find food. During the day, while the smaller fish will be abundant in surface waters, focus on the deeper, cooler waters that still have adequate oxygen for larger gamefish.

As surface waters cool overnight, check nearby shoal areas at first light for larger striped bass hunting for breakfast.