Michael Robert Guy, 44 of Mechanicsville
Michael Robert Guy, 44 of Mechanicsville

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – According to police reports from the past week provided by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, one man was arrested on three separate occasions regarding various protective order violations.

On July 16, police responded to the 40000 block of Old Horse Landing Road for reports that Michael Robert Guy, 44 of Mechanicsville, had broken a court order. Further investigation by police determined that Guy had been at the victim’s property.

Guy was arrested and charged for being in violation of this protective order.

Then on July 18, Guy had reportedly made contact with the victim through social media. Police were called to make contact with the victim who provided the aforementioned social media posts being sent by Guy.

Guy’s protective order stated that he was not allowed to harass or contact the victim, and it was later determined that these social media posts violated that order.

He was arrested and charged soon after, once again for violating the protective order, as well as harassment.

Then, on July 19, the victim had once again contacted law enforcement over Guy’s continued attempted contact through social media, despite his previous arrests.

Police reviewed the victim’s evidence and determined that Guy was once again going against the court order.

Finally, for the third time in a single week, Guy was arrested and charged with violating a protective order, and harassment.

A court date has been tentatively set for Guy on September 12, 2022.

Guy is currently being held on a no bond status.

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  1. Someone better start taking these sort of violations seriously. This is how victims end up dead. They must be held accountable the first time, let alone giving this man 3 chances to finally be held with a no bond status. What is going on in that county for this to happen? Unacceptable any way you look at it!

  2. Huh once you violate a Protective Order you have committed a crime and he should have been arrested and held without bond on the first violation of the order what is the use of giving the Protective Order when you can violate it 4 Times and he looks like a Giant Mini Me

    1. It’s important to remember that he hasn’t been convicted of any crime yet. Before we lock him up and throw away the key, remember we haven’t heard his side of the story yet. Not saying it happened in this case but people have been set up before by false internet posts. He might be just trying to make sure his kids are ok. The article doesn’t give much info. So before throwing away his rights (and yours with them) let’s let a judge hear both sides of the story.

  3. It’s important to have boundaries. This guys knows none of them. Please know your boundaries folks, seek help for anger issues. Men, women, all of us.

  4. I’ve met this guy before and he is absolutely a nutcase, should have been held the first time

  5. This is exactly how my brother was murdered. His gfs ex had violated the protective order she had against him. He was released on PR. Two days later he broke into their house at 4am and shot and killed my brother. If the gun hadn’t jammed he would have killed her too and possibly their children. If he had been held accountable for breaking the protective order the first, second, third time maybe he wouldn’t have come back that final time to take my brothers life. He flat out told her when she first got the PO that a piece of paper wasn’t going to stop him. After violating it resulted in no consequences it proved to him the PO was a joke and nothing to worry about. His threats should have been taken seriously, he should have been locked up, but we couldn’t get the judge to listen. Now, almost 14 years later, things like this are still happening. Our county learned nothing from my brothers murder. It’s disgusting!

  6. Does anyone think this criminal has any fear (Or respect) for the criminal justice system in our county?

  7. Whoever made the decision to let him out after the first arrest should be glad he resorted to only social media posts and nothing more violent. When will law enforcement and justice officials learn?

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