LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – The longstanding Millison Plaza shopping center, which has been a fixture of commerce in the Lexington Park area for over 50 years, has been sold to Atlantic Realty Group for an undisclosed sum.

The sale includes multiple businesses in the 17.8-acre property, including Big Lots, St. Mary’s County Gymnastics center, Showtime Deli, and AMC Lexington Park 6.

During a business meeting on July 12th, St. Mary’s County Commissioner Mike Hewitt alluded that the sale of Millison Plaza could bring an extensive influx of commercial businesses to the area.

Hewitt described Atlantic Realty as a “very interesting group,” that “specializes in purchasing these types of locations” during the meeting.

“They’ve shown us several ‘befores-and-afters’ of properties they’ve done in Baltimore City, Baltimore County,” Hewitt said. “But they have big plans.”

Hewitt went on to say Atlantic Realty Group has some ties to a “national grocer they’re going to try to bring into Lexington Park.”

Along with zoning for more commercial businesses in the area, Hewitt also claimed that the developer has plans to renovate existing businesses, update exterior facades, and implement improvements that could help ease the flow of traffic in the area.

Hewitt claimed that the “aggressive plans” of the developers could also potentially bring more townhomes and condominiums into the area.

Atlantic Realty and Mike Hewitt were unable to be reached for additional questions.

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  1. How about just level the whole thing, dig down (for underground parking to maximize the above grade space) and put housing above any commercial redevelopment?

    1. Zoning around the base limits density in certain areas including most of this lot. They are going to have to be pretty flexible and creative to make this work.

  2. how about leveling it and putting a prison there so all the shooters, murderers, rapist and drug dealers,pedophiles can stay close to home

    1. Are you one of the owners there? The food is terrible, I saw the people running it buying their meats at Food Lion and trying to sell it for three times the price, with plastic forks and Styrofoam plates!?

      1. I don’t work there and they have the best sandwiches in town. Obviously you haven’t been in a while, Maryland banned styrofoam plates and containers so you get your food on heavy paper plates and containers. Please enlighten us on which deli you think is the best, preferably one serving food on fine China.

        1. No, just something edible without dog hair in it and using actual meat from a vendor not a grocery store then upsold at higher prices.

  3. I hope for a well thought out and planned out commercial district. Ready to go spend money.

  4. I would love to have a grocery store in there, but what about the crime on Great Mills Road? Drugs, Shootings, Stabbings, Prostitution…. I won’t go down that road after dark, and don’t really like to do it in the day time. Unless you do more than keep putting lipstick on a pig, what business in their right mind would open in there?

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